Penn State and the Hypocrisy of Atheism

Penn State and the Travesty of Atheism

Don K. Preston D. Div.



The horrible situation at Penn State University is dominating the news, as it rightfully should. Everyone is appalled at the accusation that a football coach has allegedly been guilty of sexually abusing young men over an extended period of time, while the university authorities kept silent, and in fact, sat back as he actually continued to abuse defenseless young men. The scandal has resulted in the revered coach Joe Paterno being fired.

Commentator after commentator has expressed outrage, disgust and revulsion over what has happened. But there is something missing, and of course it will continue to be missed or overlooked in this entire discussion, and that is the utter hypocrisy of atheism when it comes to situations like this. Let me explain.

Just last week, I read an Internet post by an atheist insisting that all morality is humanly invented and derived: “Men invent their own morality” was his claim. Interestingly he was defending “sexual misconduct” that some Christians were condemning. The atheist was insisting that these crazy Christians had no right to condemn what someone wanted to do sexually. What took place between two people was / is their business, and no one has any right to condemn those actions. 

Years ago, the Human Manifesto, signed by some of the leading political and educational leaders of the day (who are still in high positions today)  affirmed the morality is invented by man and not derived from any god.

Now, atheists like to talk about the “ought” of living right, honoring others, conforming to society. But of course, logically, there is no “ought” in this at all. If I, as a human being, am the pinnacle of evolution, then my personal pleasure, my personal actions, are the only thing that I have any interest in. You can talk platitudes of how we as humans “ought” to be good people (who defines that “good,” by the way?) all you want, but in the end, logically, society has no “right” to tell me how to act or not to act. Remember, there is no morality higher than man, and if I, as a man, do not agree with the moral “standards” of others, there is no over-riding moral basis to condemn me.

Well, once again, we are told that society determines what is good, and what is not good. But have you ever considered how fickle society can be, in regard to “morals”? For a good (very, very bad part of our history) part of our history, “society” said that slavery was “natural” “right” and “good.” Did that make slavery okay? What right did the non-slave owners have to condemn the slave owners who had, with literally centuries of history as support, collectively decided that slavery was right and natural. What right does one group have to impose their moral concepts on any other group, if one accepts the claims of atheists in regard to humanly derived morality?

The “entire” German society determined that Jews were sub-humans, and therefore had no “human rights.” That was a classic example of humanly derived morality (immorality). Other nations (societies- who supposedly determine right and wrong)  joined in agreement with that consensus. As a result millions of people died in WWII. Other nations resisted the consensus of the humanly derived moral values of the German people.

 Do you begin to see the folly and illogic of atheism? What right did, or does, one society have to impose its values on another society / group / nation? Or, more to the point, what right does any group of people– in the atheist paradigm– have to impose a set of rules on any individual.

The accused pedophile, if he follows the mentality of most pedophiles, would argue that his actions with the young men were, first of all, acts of “love.” They were consensual. Pedophiles never see themselves as doing harm. They are expressing their “genuine” love and affection with young people that have in fact “seduced” them, or willingly entered into the sexual relations. In other words, no one was harmed! And after all, the pedophile is acting according to the “moral standards” that they feel are good and normal. What right does anyone have to condemn them, per the atheistic claims of morality?

Logically, there can be no condemnation of these horrible actions, if one adopts the atheistic paradigm. All statements from atheists that the man “should” be condemned and incarcerated, are empty and shallow. Such rhetoric is illogical coming from the atheist world.

The only way anyone can logically, properly condemn these horrible actions is if there is a standard of morality that is higher than man. And again, it is not enough to say that society does condemn them. Remember, society is nothing but the collective thought of a group of people, imposing their thinking on other people, without any true “right” to do so!

The horrific situation at Penn State University magnifies once again the tremendous need for a Biblically based morality. It exemplifies how evil men are without the sense of the presence of someone higher than them, of an authority that is beyond man. It shows how debased man can be when they live in violation of God’s standard of morality.

The lives of who knows how many young men has been forever changed, for the worse, if the allegations of the on-going actions of this sexual predator are true. We sincerely hope that if and when the justice system determines all of the facts, that actual justice will be done. We pray for the families of the victims to find some healing and help. We pray for our nation that needs to return to the awareness and obedience to the only true standard of right and wrong, and that is God’s word.