Come Join Us In San Antonio!- Schedule Added!

We are thrilled to announce that I will be in San Antonio, Texas, September 23-24, 2011 for a two day conference.

The event will be held at  the “Church of The Almighty God”, 1847 Thompson Pl., San Antonio,Tx 78227.


Here is the schedule:

We will start 7 pm sharp Friday, go on till 9:00, with a 10 min break between presentations.

Saturday begins @ 9am thru 12am.

Lunch 12 to 1:50pm.

Pick it up @ 2pm to 5pm.

Gabriel Segovia is the minister there, at this thriving preterist church, and will be happy to provide further information. Give him a call at:  1-210-867-5550.

I will be discussing 2 Peter 3 in this seminar, as well as 2 Thessalonians.

I am very excited about this seminar, and I hope that our visitors here on the website will make join us there!

Come be with us in San Antonio!