Should Israel Be Forced Back to the 1967 Borders?

President Obama went on record saying that for their to be any chance of peace in the Middle East, Israel must return to the borders of 1967. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu immediately responded by saying such a move would never happen, because those borders would leave Israel unable to defend herself.

The dispensationalists are already up in arms about Mr. Obama’s suggestion, claiming that the land belongs to Israel “forever” and that any suggestion that Israel surrender even a foot of it is “anti-semitic” and places Israel against God’s plan.

It is often argued that God has never yet fulfilled His land promises to Israel. This is simply not true! In my DVD series Israel and the Land, Fulfilled or Unfulfilled? I prove beyond any doubt, from emphatic declarations of scripture, that God gave Israel all of the land. Not some of it, not even most of it, but ALL of it.

For more, check out that DVD series. It will change how you think about the Middle East and the huge issues of Israel and the land.

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Don K.