Major Revision of Who Is This Babylon Announced!

Who Is This Babylon?
Introducing a Major Revision

JaDon Management Inc. is very proud to announce the release of a major revision of Don K. Preston’s popular book, Who Is This Babylon. This is the third major reprint and revision of this groundbreaking and influential book.

The format has now been enlarged from a 5 x 8 format, to a more convenient 6 x9. While the page numbering is the same, a major new section, as well as additional comments throughout the book, has been added.

This major new addition is a special chapter on the Millennium.

Everyone knows how controversial, and important, the doctrine of the millennium is. All doctrines of “the last days” are directly tied to views of the millennium.

Does Jesus come to establish the millennium (dispensationalism)? Or, is the coming of Christ at the end of the millennium, which is generally identified as the Christian age by the amillennial and postmillennial students?

Did the Millennium begin in AD 70, as espoused by some?

Is there merit for the idea of a 40 year millennium?

In this new chapter, Preston analyzes the major views of the millennium, interacting with the representatives of the respective views, including those who advocate the beginning of the millennium in AD 70.

Not only does this new Babylon book examine the respective views, Preston sets forth in a very positive manner the strong evidence for the 40 year millennial period. In fact, this may well be the most exhaustive presentation and defense of this position that has been offered. This is some powerful material!

The first shipment of the newly revised Babylon book is on its way and should be on hand shortly.

Although a lot of material has been added, (including some great material on Hosea!) and although the size has been increased, we are glad to say that the price is the same. You can our your copy of the new Babylon by going to either or,

Order your copy of the revised Who Is This Babylon today!