A (Kind) Challenge to Any Follower of Harold Camping

As I am sure almost everyone knows, Harold Camping of California has– once again– predicted the end of the world and the Day of Judgment. It is “without a doubt” and “guaranteed” to take place May 21, 2011. Now, let it be known that I have a pamphlet written by Camping that leaves no doubt about what he is predicting. In an earlier article, I issued a challenge to Camping to put funds in an account, since if he is taken as he predicts, he won’t need his money and property after May 21, 2011. I have heard nothing from him or any of his followers, naturally. Well, below is an ad that was just run in a San Francisco newspaper. I am running it here as well. If any follower of Camping wants to sell me their really nice late model Acura, Lexus, Mercedes, etc., I will actually give $1000.00– not just $500.00 for it now and my offer is serious.

Camping’s predictions continue to be an embarrassment to the Christian world. I fully understand that good, sincere people are caught up in his prognostications, but, their sincerity does not validate his false prophecies. So, as kindly as possible, I am challenging any follower of Camping to put their conviction to practice. Contact me through this site!

Believe Harold Camping? I’ll buy your car.
self | May 11th 2011 | HKMk23

Posted on Wed May 11 2011 04:18:47 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) byHKMk23

SF Bay area FReeper seeks Harold Camping True Believer with really nice car. Prefer newer Acura w/V6 but will consider other makes if under 50k miles. I will buy now for $500. You dine in style ahead of your grand exit; I get good wheels.

This offer absolutely expires 11:59PM May 21st, 2011