The Hymenaean Heresy– Responding to the Critics– New Viideo!

The opponents of Covenant Eschatology like to flippantly throw around the charge that preterists are guilty of the Hymenaean Heresy. However, few take note of the following:
1.) Those making the charge cannot answer or explain how it would be possible for anyone, to convince anyone, that the traditional view of the resurrection– the raising of every person who has ever died out of the ground– had already happened!

2.) Those making the charge never– and I mean never!– discuss the scriptural background of Paul’s discussion in 2 Timothy 2:18-19. That source was the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, in Numbers 16. What did that have to do with Hymenaeaus? A lot! But, no one pays any attention to this, and this leads to confusion and misunderstanding of Paul’s text.

3.) Those making the charge are either ignoring or denying the undeniable: the resurrection is invariably tied to the end of the Old Covenant age– not the end of the Christian age.

These are two important videos, so check it out!