Isaiah 2-4– Matthew 16:27 and Martyr Vindication


Did you know that the theme and prophecy of the vindication of the martyrs, at the Day of the Lord, is one of the most pervasive of all “last days” themes? Yet, it is incredible that so many Bible students seem ignorant of this grand theme. And what is even worse, they seem oblivious to the fact that the NT promise  of the coming of the Lord– in vindication of the martyrs — finds its origins in Torah.

Jesus’ promise to come in judgment in Matthew 16:27 is his promise to come in judgment of those who were about to kill him– the authorities at Jerusalem.

Everyone wants to talk about the Second Coming, and they apply Matthew 6:27 to that event. However, they ignore the connection to the vindication of the martyrs and the judgment of Jesus’ slayers. Yet, the parousia is always tied to the vindication of the martyrs and, this is what is so significant, in both the Old Testament and the New, that vindication at Jesus’ coming is always posited at the time of the judgment of Israel in AD 70.

I just posted a great video on the comparison between Jesus’ prediction of his coming in judgment of his persecutors and Isaiah’s prediction.

This is great stuff! Check it out!