Has Don K. Preston Incorrectly Separated Matthew 16:27-28 from It's Proper Context?

Some viewers of my YouTube video series on Matthew 16:27-28 have lodged the objection that I separate the verses from the context of Matthew 16. Well, I just posted a response to this claim. The funny thing is that the ones making the charge are actually the ones that do separate these verses from the context!

They separate the verses from their prophetic context, ignoring (sometimes denying) that the prophetic source of these verses is Isaiah 40, Isaiah 62, and Daniel 7.


They separate verse 27 from Jesus’ discussion of his suffering and that of his disciples in v. 21-24, and the fact that the Greek connective particle demands that verse 27 is related to and connected to that discussion. This means that v. 27 was Jesus’ prediction to come in vindication of his death and the suffering of his disciples. Yet, those who have lodged the complaint apply v. 27 to the “end of time” and ignore the fact that in Matthew 23 Jesus said that all the blood of all the martyrs would be avenged in his generation.


Those who have made the objection divide verse 27 from verse 28 by 2000 years!


They ignore the little Greek term “amen lego humin” that grammatically demands that v. 28 is emphasizing what was said in v. 27.


So, just who is it that divides these verses from their context, anyway?


Check out the video!