Don't Miss Two Guys and the Bible This Tuesday Night

Be sure to tune in Tuesday night, Feb. 1, for Two Guys and the Bible. William Bell and Don K. Preston will continue their study of the controversial text of Romans 8:18f.

Did Paul predict the restoration of material creation, on a utopian, Edenic planet?


What is “the creation” that was groaning when Paul wrote?


Romans 8 is the foundational text for all futurist eschatologies that posit a future restoration of the planet, after a purging by fire.


However, Romans 8 gives no support to such a doctrine, and William and Don will continue their presentation of the proof for this claim.


Be sure to tune in live, at 6 PM central (4 PM western– 7 PM eastern) at This is a great discussion and one that is extremely important! You don’t want to miss this!


Don K