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All futurist eschatologies appeal to the Law of Moses for support of a yet future coming of the Lord, Day of Judgment and the resurrection.

Yet, all futurist eschatologies claim that the Law of Moses was removed, abrogated, at the cross!

Just how does that work?

Is it not illogical to appeal to an invalidated law, to support a doctrine?

The subject of the passing of the Law of Moses is one of the most foundationally important of all theological topics, and yet, most theologians discuss peripheral issues.

Jesus said none of Torah could pass until it was all fulfilled. Was the entirety of Torah fulfilled at the cross? Patently not! How then can the majority of the evangelical world say that Torah passed away at the cross?

In 2010 Don K. Preston and Kurt Simmons, long time friends, engaged in a formal written debate on the time of the passing of Torah.

Simmons affirmed the passing of Torah at the cross.

Preston affirmed the passing of Torah in AD 70.

While both men in this discussion are preterists, you do not have to be a preterist to benefit—greatly—from this written debate. There is a wealth of information in this debate that you will not find anywhere else!  Order your copy today!!

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