Matthew 16:27-28 and the Passing of the Law of Moses!

I just posted another video on YouTube!

I was raised believing and teaching that the Law of Moses passed away at the cross. However, more study convinced me that this is the wrong view. Jesus was more than emphatic that Torah– none of it– would pass away until it was ALL– not some of it, not part of it, not even most of it– but until it was ALL fulfilled.

And did you know that all futurist eschatologies claim that Torah– at least the ceremonial laws — was annulled at the cross, and then they turn around and say that the Day of the Lord, the judgment and the resurrection, all of which was foretold in the ceremonial law, has not been fulfilled!

You cannot say the ceremonial law has been removed, annulled, and then turn around and say that the very thing that the feast days foretold has not happened!

Check out the video: