Finally! Don K. Preston is On YouTube!

Well, for the last few years, my kids, and a whole lot of other folks as well, have been trying to get me to come into the 21st century, and get an account on YouTube. I have stedfastly resisted due to being, um, technologically challenged. However, with the purchase of some excellent quality video equipment and an Apple Computer (this thing speaks a totally different language!!! I have had to take some classes just to know how to use this thing!) I have now arrived! 🙂 I have now posted two videos of YouTube and I will be posting on a regular basis, as time goes on. My segments will be called Preston’s Ponderings, and will average 6-9 minutes each, with each segment focused on making and confirming one single, powerful point. I will be doing an entire series of lessons on Matthew 16:27-28, and I am presenting some material that you will not find anywhere else. Very good stuff! You can find my videos by searching for MrDonPreston (case sensitive) or, go to Please take a look and then post your comments. Tell your friends about it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Preston’s Ponderings! Don K. Preston