Introducing a Great New Book!

Great New Book Available!

We are very pleased and excited to announce the availability of a great new book, entitled Christianity’s Great Dilemma, by Glenn Hill.

Glenn’s book asks the question: Is Jesus Coming Again or Is He Not?

Anyone familiar with the history of Christianity knows that there have been– and continues to be – those who say that Christ’s coming and “the end of the world” is just right around the corner. The skeptics certainly know that Jesus and his disciples predicted the Lord’s soon coming, but, they say that Jesus failed, and the Bible is not inspired. Herein lies the Great Dilemma!

Unfortunately, for far too long Bible students, indeed the church as a whole, has put its head in the sand, and hoped that the problem would go away. But, the problem is not going away, as more and more the forces hostile against Christ are echoing this great dilemma.

Glenn Hill is an excellent student of the Word of God. He began a ministry years ago as an ardent dispensationalist and believer in the “soon coming” Second Coming. Like others, he became disillusioned with the repeated failures of the so-called “prophecy experts” such as Hal Lindsay, Grant Jeffrey, and a host of others.

Seeking to understand why, or how, Jesus’ predictions had not been fulfilled. Glenn Hill began to study the issue himself, and discovered that the Bible has some clear cut, easily understood answers. Yet, the huge majority of believers continue to be unaware of the answers.

Glenn’s book is a great book for anyone– for everyone– that has pondered Jesus’ predictions. Glenn’s easy to read, easy to understand style will quickly help any level of reader to know what the issues are, and how the Bible itself provides answers to Christianity’s Great Dilemma.

The book is 225 pages in a 7 x 10 format, and a great cover. Inside, you will find a wealth of helpful information that just makes sense!

This book is not “preachy.” It is not “polemic.” It is not “pedantic.” It is a book written from the heart of a wonderful student of God’s word, with a message that he believes is desperately needed by the church today. I believe you will find this book to be very encouraging, as well as helpful.

I am honored to offer a forward in the book. Most of all, I encourage you to get a copy of Glenn Hill’s first book: Christianity’s Great Dilemma. It is great!

Regular price on the book will be $12.00 + $4.50. However, I am offering a special of $15.00 postpaid as an introductory special. I do not yet have the book listed on the websites, but you can order your copy today by sending the funds to me via PayPal. Be sure to include a note informing me of what your are ordering.

This will make a great Christmas present, so order your copy– or two– today!!