Aiding and Abetting the Man of Sin?

Aiding and Abetting the Man of Sin!
Don K. Preston D. Div

Question: Would you purposely give your money to someone that you knew was hell-bent on committing genocide? Would you sacrificially commit yourself financially to support an organization whose one desire in life was the opposition to God?

I am confident that most people would recoil in horror at the thought of purposefully encouraging or supporting anyone or any organization with such horrid, inhumane goals. And yet, that is precisely what hundreds of thousands of Bible believers are doing every year!  Now, I know that this claim is shocking to a lot of people, but, please bear with me as I explain.

So called Bible prophecy experts such as Randall Price, Grant Jeffrey, Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice, Jack Van Impe, Benny Hinn, John Hagee and a host of others ardently encourage their followers to send money to either their ministry, or to Israel. Why? They do so because, as Price and Ice wrote some years ago, they believe that Israel is Ready To Rebuild The Imminent Plans to Rebuild the Last Days Temple. (Thomas Ice and Randall Price, (Eugene, Or. Harvest House, 1992). Price then followed that with The Battle for the Last Days Temple ( (Eugene, Or. Harvest House, 2004), and then his massive  The Temple and Bible Prophecy,  2005). Other dispensational authors have written books with similar themes: it is time, say they, to rebuild the Jerusalem temple!

These men all tell the often gullible audience that all the signs for the rebuilding of the temple are present around us today. We are in the last days, we are told. (See my The Last Days Identified book that totally debunks the idea that we are in the last days). Of course, the claims that there are signs everywhere that the end is near is a blatant contradiction in the millennial scheme, for according to many of the leading dispensationalists, there are no signs of the end! We will address this issue at another time, but for the moment, let’s focus on the efforts to rebuild the Jerusalem temple.

Here is what you need to know about the dispensational schema:

At the rapture, the Christian age (which of course the Bible says has no end, DKP!) comes to an end. The church is removed from the earth, and God resumes His dealings with Israel.

The man of sin suddenly appears and convinces Israel to sign a peace treaty with her enemies. This peace treaty supposedly initiates the seven year “Tribulation Period.”

Then, during three and a half years of peace, “Judaism is revived, and traditional sacrifices and ceremonies are re-instituted in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.”  (Thomas Ice and Timothy Demy, Prophecy Watch, (Eugene, Or., 1998 )60).

At the end of the 3 ½ year peace, the Man of Sin breaks his treaty with Israel and embarks on a persecution of Israel. This Man of Sin is to be the most evil person who has ever lived. The Great Tribulation that he initiates will result in the death of 2/3rds of all Jews and 3/5ths of all humans on the face of the earth! Think about that, will you?  As some millennialists have said, this makes the atrocities committed by Hitler out to be like a picnic in the park! The suffering, the horror, the evil perpetrated by the Man of Sin is unprecedented and unparalleled in history. He is in fact, the very personification of evil.

So, here is what you need to know: The Man of Sin is the key figure that will (ostensibly) bring about the building of the Jerusalem temple. This temple– which can rightfully be called the temple of the Man of Sin since he is the one that authorizes it – is the temple that dispensationalists say is next on the prophetic agenda! This is not something that the dispensational teachers like to advertise, for obvious reasons. They just like to say how much they love Israel, and how important it is to support Israel. They do not tell you that right now, if you send your money to Israel for the rebuilding of a future temple, that you will be aiding and abetting the Man of Sin!!


Dispensationalists are asking you, urging you, to send your money to Israel so that they can then enter into a peace treaty (supposedly very soon!) with the Man of Sin so that, “Judaism can be  revived, and traditional sacrifices and ceremonies re-instituted in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.”  
You are being asked to aid and abet the future efforts of the Man of Sin, the most evil human that has ever lived on the face of the earth.

You are being asked to send your money to Israel so that when that Evil One appears, they can enter into covenant with him!

You are being urged to financially support a theology that eagerly preaches and anticipates Israel’s cooperation with a man hell-bent on destroying them, and YOU in the Great Tribulation!

I find it very difficult to believe that good, honest, God loving believers would willingly support such a theology– if they actually realized what the doctrine entails.

It is time for everyone to know the facts about what Dispensationalism actually teaches, and it is not truth!

For any dispensational advocates that might object to what we say, I am always ready to engage in open discussions of what we post on this site. If any representative minister of the dispensational theology wishes to take issue with what we say, and is willing to engage in honorable, respectful debate, please contact me.