What About Iran, Russia and Venezuela?

We recently received an inquiry concerning the role of Iran, Russia and Venezuela, as those countries begin to cooperate with one another. This is, of course, deeply troubling to consider. The question is, Is what is happening between these countries the fulfillment of Bible prophecy? The querist has posed this question:

<<I have a friend who read about the recent alliance between the president of Iran and the president of Venezuela and it’s “nuclear”
overtones which I believe had Russia involved in it. I would like to know how to question her reasoning using the Scriptures instead of the newspapers or
dispensational interpretation.
I have read some of your books and they have helped me understand these “end times” prophecies as being fulfilled and I would like her to
see and understand this.
I would also like to know what your thoughts are on the “end of all things”.
Sincerely Seeking The Truth,
>>>> Name omitted>>>


Here is my response:

Your friend is attempting to force the Biblical prophecies into a chronological setting that will not fit.

The times of the end were to be fulfilled “in the last days.”
The Biblical writers all affirmed that they were living in the days foretold by the prophets (Matthew 13: 17; Acts 3:23f; Hebrews 1:1; 1 Peter 1:20, etc.).
It is therefore wrong for anyone to rip those prophecies out of the first century context and say they are near now, when the NT writers said that the last days prophecies were being fulfilled in their day.
An appeal to modern Iran, Venezuela and Russia is a clear violation of the names and countries named in scripture. Just where are we supposed to read about Venzuela in the Bible?  And to suggest that Russia is Gog or MaGog is simply wrong. The arguments linking Russia with these names is anachronistic.
The Bible writers were not saying that at some far distant time to them, that countries unknown to them would be the end time players. They spoke of the countries and kingdoms that were in existence in their day, and said that those kingdoms would be the end times players. How can a person claim to take the Bible literally, and then go to Jeremiah 50f and totally change the names of the countries and kingdoms into modern countries and kingdoms, when the modern countries and kingdoms bear no resemblance to the ones mentioned in the text? That is not literalism.
The Bible writers are emphatic and very clear. The end was near—  2000 years ago! Those inspired men were either right, or, they were wrong! If they were wrong, then nobody today can be right, for that means that the Bible writers were not inspired.
If the Bible writers were right– and of course they were — then any attempt to apply Biblical prophecy to events beyond the first century are simply wrong.
I have written a book entitled Can God Tell Time? that addresses this issue in-depth. It can be purchased from my website: www.bibleprophecy.com. (Available from this site also, DKP)  I recommend that you obtain a copy for yourself and your friend as well. I truly think it will help.
Thanks again for contacting us. We truly appreciate your interest.
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For His Truth, and In His Grace,
Don K. Preston