USA Today: What if THe End Isn't Near? A Great Opportunity!

This is a great opportunity! (our friend Stephen Temple called my attention to the USA Today paper and the article)
The USA Today Paper of 8-23- carried an article in the forum about two men with differing views of “the end.” One predicts the imminent end, the other not so much. Here is a great opportunity to let them know about Covenant Eschatololgy!
Here is what I sent them:  (Here is their email for posts: )
<<My name is Don K. Preston, president of Preterist Research Institute ( I represent a rapidly growing segment of the Christian community. We do not believe that the Bible predicted the end of the time-space continuum. Rather, the language of “de-creation” (the destruction of heaven and earth) is to be understood metaphorically, and applied to the Old Covenant World of Israel that occurred in AD 70, and the destruction of Jerusalem.
This view of the end times is known as preterism, (past fulfillment) or Covenant Eschatology, since it posits eschatology as dealing with the end of Covenant world, not the end of history.
This view of eschatology is the only view of the end times that can answer the skeptical charges that Jesus and the apostles made false predictions of the end.
Our view of “eschatology” is optimistic for the future, and believes in responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources, since we believe that we are going to be around for a good while!
I have authored 19 books on the subject, and debated some of the leading evangelicals, including Thomas Ice, C. Marvin Pate, David Englesma, and the late Harold Hoehner.
I would be more than happy to share this view with you for an article.
Don K. Preston
President Preterist Research Institute
Answering Christianity’s Greatest Challenge
Dialogue When Possible
Debate When Necessary
At All Times Charity
Let me encourage you to send the newspaper an email asking them to either carry an article on preterism by doing an interview with me! Let’s let them know that the preterist community is alive and well!
Don K