Hey, Christians, It is Time To Wake Up!

Christians, WAKE UP!

Don K. Preston

As I write this, in the USA Today Newspaper of 8-23-10, in the Forum section, the problem of Jesus’ “delay” is discussed. Likewise, NewsMax Magazine of August, 2010 depicts Jesus on bended knee, and the caption is “Will He Ever Return?” Just this last week, I received an email telling of a Christian minister who has recently become an atheist because, “Jesus’ predictions of his soon return failed.”
Jesus challenged everyone, friend and foe alike: “If I do not do the works that the Father has given me, do not believe me. Do not believe me for my words sake, but believe me for my works” (John 10:36-37).

Jesus, unlike the other major religions of the day, welcomes us to examine his claims. If he did not do what he said he would do, he is not the Son of God. It is that simple.

Jesus said he was going to be betrayed, buried, and raised the third day. This would be a sign that he is the Son of God (Matthew 16). If Jesus was not raised from the dead, he is not the Son of God, our faith is in vain, we are yet in our sin (1 Corinthians 15). No works fulfilled, no faith in him is justified!

Jesus said he was coming back, in judgment, in his generation (Matthew 16:27-28– See my Can You Believe Jesus Said This?, for a full refutation of those who seek to deny the power of his words). Jesus said the Father had committed all judgment to him, and that he would judge as he had seen the Father judge before. He would judge so that men might honor him as they honor the Father. Catch that! Proper honor to Jesus would follow recognition that he had acted in judgment as the Father had acted in judgment before! This is just another way of saying “If I do not do the works that the Father has given me, do not believe me. If I do the works, believe me!” It is simply, but powerfully saying Faith in Christ springs from the fulfillment of his prediction to come in judgment!

Yet the world, and much of Christianity says, “Well, no, Jesus did not do what he said, when he said he would!” The atheists say it. The Muslims say it. The Jews say it. And even many Christians say it!

But, Jesus did come back, in the first century, just as he said he would! He came “In the Glory of the Father.” He came in judgment in the same manner as he had seen the Father come many times before! (See my book: Like Father Like Son, On Clouds of Glory, for positive proof of this claim.

Christians, it is time to wake up! It is time to “take back the Bible” as it were. Jesus did not fail. He was not deluded. He was not mistaken! The modern church needs to stop giving the enemies of the Cross the ammunition to attack Christianity. The modern church needs to abandon its false theology of a failed, frustrated, postponed eschatology, and to militantly march forward with the message of a victorious, promise keeping Savior!