Preston vs Simmons Written Debate: The Perfection of Salvation and Passing of the Old Covenant- Preston’s Third (Final) Affirmative

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Don K. Preston

Preston – V – Simmons



Preston’s Third (Final) Affirmative

The discerning readers of this debate are aware of what Kurt is consistently doing. He virtually ignores every argument that I make (he did say a few words this time, and I will refute his arguments below) but then demands that I respond to him. He ignores my questions and yet, asks questions of me, asking that I respond. Then, my friend says he is under no obligation to respond to anything I say! Wow!

Kurt signed his name to rules of conduct that specifically said: “Each man agrees that no material or arguments shall be presented that is not directly relevant to the affirmation or negation of his or the other man’s position.

Each man agrees to answer the other man’s arguments directly, without obfuscation or evasion, to the full extent of their ability and knowledge.”

Kurt, how can you claim that you have no obligation to respond to anything I say when you gave your word of honor to respond to my arguments and to answer my questions? Are you saying that you have no obligation to keep your word?

Kurt’s Disparagement of the Use of Logic

It was stunning to see my friend use almost a full page of text to denigrate the use of logic. He ridiculed my use of syllogisms, but of course, he later tried (again he failed) to offer a syllogism to present his case! He tells us we should beware of the “if- then” (modus tollens) form of argument. Hmm, Jesus and Paul seemed to like that form of logic and think it effective! Yet, Kurt tells us that we need to be wary of anyone having to appeal to this form of argumentation.

My supposed misrepresentations of Kurt’s positions

I made the statement that, “Kurt claims that Romans 11:26f predicts the salvation of individual Jews, via obedience to the gospel, throughout the entirety of the endless Christian age.”

Kurt responds: “I have never said any such thing! His claim is totally false.”

Yet, Kurt proceeds to say: “Together, believing Jews and Gentiles constitute “true Israel.”… “Are people still being grafted into the tree, saved and sanctified by the “Root of Jesse”? Of course they are! Will true Israel ever cease to exist? No, of course not. As long as time continues.”

So, Kurt says that believing Jews and Gentiles constitute the salvation of all Israel– throughout the entirety of the Christian age.

Kurt, just how did you not say that the salvation of all Israel does not at least include the conversion of Jews throughout the entirety of the endless Christian age? While you did say, “all Israel” includes Gentiles, you most assuredly did include believing Jews, didn’t you! Thus, I did not misrepresent your position. You do believe that Romans 11 speaks of the conversion of individuals (both Jew and Gentile) throughout the Christian age.

Kurt’s position violates my argument on Romans 9, which Kurt dismissed, with no proof whatsoever. Paul, speaking of the salvation of the remnant, which is what he is discussing in Romans 11, says the Lord would make a short work of that salvific work. That means that the salvation of Romans 11:25f cannot speak of the salvation of individuals (Jews or Gentiles) throughout the entirety of the endless Christian age. What did Kurt say in response?

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