Exciting Announcement! Revised Like Father Like Son Book Now Available!

JaDon Management Inc. and Don K. Preston are very glad and excited to announce that Preston’s popular and important book, Like Father Like Son, On Clouds of Glory, is back in print! The first run of this book sold out rather quickly, and Preston set about to revise and expand it.

After a year and a half, that revision is now finished, and the end result is very exciting!

The book now has a larger size 6 x 9.

It has many more pages.

It has a scripture index to make study easier.

In addition, this new version has extensive interaction with the amillennial paradigm, and specifically the writings of Kim Riddlebarger, widely considered to be one of the top amillennial scholars of the day.

Also, Preston has added significant interaction with the 2009 productions of Kenneth Gentry (He Shall Have Dominiol) and Keith Mathison (From Age To Age: The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology).  Both men attack Covenant Eschatology in their works, but Preston more than effectively refutes their objections demonstrating the utter failure of these postmillennial scholars to deal with the text with sound hermeneutic and logic. Preston’s incisive logic quickly dispels the objections by Gentry and Mathison.

In addition, Preston has included a very special study addressing the increasingly popular argument (made by Riddlebarger, Mathison and Gentry), that the events of AD 70, while significant, were mere types and shadows of the real end of the world. This special study is very, very important and effectively negates and falsifies this argument. AD 70 was the end of the age, not the end of an age that signified the end of another age! This study is very important!

The readers of the first version of Like Father Like Son, have hailed it as one of the most definitive presentations of Covenant Eschatology ever written. From professional theologians to everyday Bible students, the testimonials about the importance of this book have been impressive. But, if you thought the first version was good, you truly need the second edition!

We have been able to maintain the same price for Like Father Like Son, in spite of the increased size and increased content. Regular price has been $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping, for a total of $23.45. However, as a “re-introduction” price, you can have a copy for $22.00 postpaid! Take advantage of this special offer today!

You can send the funds directly to JaDon via PayPayl. Just use the email address of dkpret@cableone.net, and make sure you include a note that you are ordering the revised version of Like Father Like Son.

Order your’s today!