Important Radio Programming Note– 2-15-2010!

Well, as many of you know, I was to be in Daleville, Alabama this last weekend, to (theoretically at least) help out in that seminar. The weather prevented that however, so I did not get to go at all. Jim H., Dave Edwards and William were all kind to send me reports and it sounds like they had a very good seminar.
Well, I had four lessons all primed and ready to go. Michael Loomis got wind of my cancellation, and as everyone knows, he runs, the preterist radio station. Mike called me up and asked me if I was about to bust for needing to give these lessons. Naturally, I said Yes! So, Michael has graciously invited me to present my lessons in
We will begin this afternoon, with my first presentation, entitled “This We Say To You By the Word of the Lord.” This is an in-depth comparison of the Olivet Discourse, demonstrating the perfect unity between the two passages, and the eschatological implications for all futurist paradigms.
The rest of the lessons will air on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, all at 4 PM central time.
The other lessons will be:
(You won’t be) Raptured! An examination of the Dispensational rapture doctrine
In Flaming Fire an examination of 2 Thessalonians 1
We Shall Meet Him In The Air: A Theological Atom Bomb! Incredible study that you will not want to miss!
So, listen in this afternoon, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as I am allowed to present these lessons.
Don K