Radio Program Feedback!

For the last few weeks, William Bell and I have been discussing Isaiah 49 and how it is used by the NT writers to affirm the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel. We began a discussion of how important the topic of “Zion” is in the OT prophets.

Below is an email I received from one of the listeners to our program Two Guys and A Bible.

Last Tuesday, William could not be on the progam since it was his wife’s birthday, so Michael Loomis and I continued– somewhat– a discussion of Zion.

William and I will, Lord willing, continue our discussion of this fascinating and important discussion next Tuesday evening February 9, 8PM central time, on Be sure to tune in, as we try to answer this listener’s questions and develop the topic of Zion!

Here is what the listener had to say:

<Hi!  I just finished listening to last nights show and had a couple questions about Zion:

1. You list out some things or concepts that Zion is such as: Jerusalem, Israel (the land), Israel (the people), city of David, Christ, Salvation, Perfect in beauty…etc.  I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around how one word can convey so much.  Would you help me understand this better?  Maybe the definition of the word, the greek, the hebrew, I don’t know….lol I never really gave it much thought but the whole discussion has really got my heart pumping and I think that until I can wrap my head around this I won’t be able to get anything deeper.

2. I have noticed that some scripture reference FROM Zion, some say IN Zion, and others say TO Zion and it seems (in my very limited understanding!) that they ALL pertain to salvation…can you explain or break down the differences?

If you are covering this stuff in upcoming podcasts then I will wait and be patient!  You guys rock!  I seriously do not know how I ever survived without the incredible teachings of Don and William…you blow my mind.  Or more importantly you stir my heart to want to know God more and you challenge me yet you don’t talk so far over my head that I am totally lost and for that I will be eternally grateful!  Thanks and blessings!  Oh – I hope William is ok and it was just technical issues that kept him from the show and I will miss you guys next week at the conference (having surgery) but I will most certainly see you in Ardmore!>