Special Audio Critique of Kenneth Gentry's Revised He Shall Have Dominion Book Now Available!

At the recently completed Preterist Pilgrim Weekend (July 2009), Don K. Preston presented a unique and needed special presenation. Dr. Kenneth Gentry, a leading outspoken critic of true preterism, recently released his third revision of He Shall Have Dominion (2009). In this book, Gentry attacks Covenant Eschatology as “naive” and guilty of making “fatal assumptions.”  He labels true preterism as heresy.

The readers need to know that Dr. Gentry has been challenged numerous times to formally debate Don K. Preston. He has adamantly refused to do so, and in a recent Internet article he listed some reasons why he refuses to engage with true preterists. His reasons are specious and illogical, but more on that later.

Since Gentry insists on condemning true preterists, all the while refusing to actually engage in honorable discussions, Don K. Preston, President of Preterist Research Institute, felt it necessary to do a critique of Gentry’s latest attacks.

 So, on July 17th, Preston presented a 45+ minute critique of Gentry’s latest Dominion book. Clearly, there was not enough time to do an exhaustive review. However, Preston’s approach was to present some of Gentry’s most glaring logical, hermeneutical, and textual faux pas, and there are many! Here are just a few of the issues covered in Preston’s critique:

 Gentry’s claims that a United Olivet Discourse would present no theological problems for the postmillennial eschatology. Preston demonstrates that a United Discouse is fatal to Gentry’s eschatology.

Gentry’s self contradictions in regard to Biblical imminence.

The Biblical doctrine of the Wedding of Christ and the severe problems in Gentry’s position.

Gentry on 1 John 2:18– a glaring example of Gentry’s self contradiction. Preston demonstrates that Gentry makes two totally different, contradictory arguments about the same verse!

A special word study on the two time words chronos and kairos, demonstrating Gentry’s gross misrepresenation of the linguistic evidence.

Gentry’s “conversion” to the true preterist view of Daniel 12 and the implications of that change, especially as it relates to 1 Corinthians 15.

And much, much more!

In this power packed audio presentation, Preston meets Gentry’s claims head on, and challenges Gentry, with candor yet grace, to defend his charges of heresy against true preterists.

This audio presentation is a very, very important critique of one of the leading adversaries of true preterism alive today. If you want to see how flawed Gentry’s logica and argumentation is, you need this CD. If you want to see how weak the arguments of the “best” spokesman for postmillennialism are, you need to listen to this presenation. If you have wondered why Gentry (and others, e.g. Mathison) are so outspoken against true preterism, but why they won’t defend their charges in formal, honorable debate, you will not wonder any more after listening to this presenation! This lesson will show you why these men refuse to come out into the open and defend their charges. It is because they can’t defend them!

This presentation is now available in MP3 format. Price is $14.50 plus $4.50 postage. I am making it available before it is even posted in our store. You can order your copy today, by sending $19.00 to us via PayPal. Use this email address: dkpret@cableone.net. You must include a note telling me what you are ordering.

Be one of the first to own this important, powerful presentation. It will equip you, It will inform you. It will probably even shock you. But most of all, it will be a benefit to you! Order your copy today!