At Last! A Formal Response to Keith Mathison and When Shall These Things Be?


A Formal Response to Keith Mathison, Kenneth Gentry, etc.

and When Shall These Things Be?

In 2004, Keith Mathison as editor, along with a group of other Reformed authors produced a book entitled When Shall These Things Be? The book was touted as a definitive, scholarly refutation of the full (true) preterist view (which they disparagingly call Hyper-Preterism). Plans were made to produce a response to that work very quickly, but for a variety of reasons, was not finished as initially planned. Now, however, we are glad to announce the release of a major response from within the Reformed camp, to Mathison’s work. Four authors known in the preterist camp as solid students of the Word, have produced a new book House Divided: Bridging the Gap in Reformed Eschatology. The authors include David Green, the editor, Edward Hassert, Michael Sullivan and Sam Frost.


JaDon Management Inc. and Don K. Preston are honored and thrilled to be able to introduce House Divided.


House Divided includes the following discussions:

The Arbitrary Principle of Hyper-Creedalism (David Green). This chapter examines the over-emphasis on the creeds– and virtual rejection of Sola Scriptura, by some in the Reformed camp.

If Preterism is True (David Green), an examination and refutation of Charles Hill’s articles.

Openness Futurism: (Ed Hassert)– An Examination and Refutation of Richard Pratt’s chapter demonstrating that Pratt opens the door for a failed eschatology

The Eschatological Madness of Mathison (Mike Sullivan)– This chapter demonstrates Mathison’s equivocation and self-contradiction in regard to the issue of imminence and the eschaton.

Carrot and Stick Eschatology (Mike Sullivan)– This chapter deals a good bit with Revelation and the Issue of the Millennium.

A Creedal Objection to Wilson’s Creedal Objection (Edward Hassert)– This chapter shows the logical inconsistency of an authorial appeal to the Creeds.

The Resurrection of the Dead (David Green)– An examination of what the Bible says about the time and nature of the resurrection. This is a refutation of Dr. Strimple’s “Thirteen Arguments,” with an analysis of 1 Corinthians 15.

Inconsistent Orthodoxy (Sam Frost)– Frost demonstrates how changeable and inconsistent the definition of “orthodoxy” is among the adversaries of True Preterism.


As you can see, the authors of House Divided have addressed– head on– the issues raised by When Shall These Things Be? They have left no major objection unaddressed, for they firmly believe that the true preterist paradigm is the solution to the daunting issue of eschatology.


If you have been waiting for an in-depth, scholarly, well written response to When Shall These Things Be?, your wait is over!


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