New Audio CD: Thief Coming of Christ

In virtually all futurist literature, the Thief Coming of Christ is set forth as positive proof that the Lord has not yet come. After all, we are told, there will be no signs of Christ’s Thief Coming, as opposed to his coming in judgment of Old Covenant Israel. There were signs of that event, but, we are told, there will be no signs of Christ’s end of time, end of history coming.
In two formal public debates in 2008 the amillennial opponents of Don K. Preston appealed to Christ’s Thief Coming as proof that Christ’s A.D. 70 coming could not be his Thief Coming. However, when Preston offered his response, both men dropped that argument!
As a result of the constant appeal of futurists to Christ’s Thief Coming, in late 2008 Don K. Preston published his book He Came As A Thief! This book has stirred considerable interest and has already been a great help to numerous Bible students!