Some Major, Exciting News!

I am very excited to announce that we have just completed today (2-26-09), the acquisition of a major prophecy website This major acquisition came about, unfortunately, due to the bad health of the former owner, a personal friend and brother. He contacted us recently and in light of his deteriorating health offered to sell us this very popular site.

Needless to say, on the Web, name is everything, and there are few better names than! The website will be undergoing a major redesign in the upcoming months, as we seek to improve it even more. We are thankful to our friend for the wonderful opportunity to purchase the site, even though it was a major financial decision. We just felt that the opportunity was too great, the potential too wonderful, to pass this chance up.

Lord willing, will continue to be one of the most often searched and found prophecy sites on the Internet! Just try Googling “bible prophecy” right now, and see what happens! Very exciting stuff!

And on that note, I want to solicit articles from qualified advocates of Covenant Eschatology. I want to offer visitors material from a diverse number of authors. So, if you are an advocate of Covenant Eschatology (i.e. preterism), feel free to submit your articles to me for consideration. I make no promises that we can use all articles submitted, but we want to expand the amount of material, and the number of authors making contributions to the study of God’s fulfilled plan of redemption!

Wonderful, exciting, challenging things are happening, and we are so thankful to our God for the doors He is opening!

Don K. Preston

President, Preterist Research Institute

Dialogue When Possible

Debate When Necessary

At All Times Charity