We very often receive emails from those who visit this site, who have read our books, or been to one of our seminars, and feel  blessed by what is being done. We want to share with you just a small sampling of what others are saying about this ministry and Covenant Eschatology as a whole! I apologize for the font issues in some of the posts. I have simply cut and pasted the comments.

I apologize for not posting more of the testimonial. I receive notes virtually everyday. Nonetheless, here is one outstanding post I received just recently:


Received 7-17-12, from Mark, in Canada:

I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity in handling the scriptures. The Lord opened my eyes about 4 years ago concerning his return in AD 70. I have watched a number of your YouTube presentations lately and have been greatly blessed. The truth of Preterism is a liberating and life changing truth for a believer in Christ to come to the realization of. Your obvious commitment to sharing the truth of this matter affords my fullest and deepest respect.

Kindest Regards,


Received 6-2-12 From “Randy”


I don’t want to take up much of your time but I want to express my thanks for your ministry and to share something with you.

I was raised in a Pentecostal denomination. I became very familiar with the doctrine, but as I grew older I realized that I could no longer accept it as truth.

I began my journey, my pursuit of truth, in my mid twenties. I decided not to share much of what I was learning with the members of my family until I was comfortable and confident that I was on the right path.

I prayed and asked the Lord to make His Truth so clear to me that I couldn’t deny, or refuse it.

I studied variations of arminian and reformed theology, and even many cults and borderline cultic views.

Now, I can honestly say that I am finally comfortable and confident that I understand what I read when I read the Word of God.

Though I discovered Full Preterism beginning with books by RC Sproul, Hank Hanegraaf, and JS Russell, you have led me on an unbelievable journey that I would not have thought possible just ten years ago.

Now, I have the confidence to share the Scriptures anywhere and everywhere. My twenty six year old son was recently challenged by a colleague who is involved in what I think is a strange cult similar to Mr. Harold Camping’s movement.

My son, Brendan, began asking me questions and he and I have studied Covenant Eschatology together. He has become addicted to the study of the Word, and he sees the profound yet simple truth of God’s promises to Israel being fulfilled in the Son.

He follows you on Facebook and YouTube and has begun ordering material from your ministry. We have always been close but this is opening up a new level of bonding in our relationship.

God has truly been faithful to me in answering my prayer, and in making His Truth accessible in a wonderful way to my family.

I want to thank Him but I also want you to know that you have played a major role in what God is doing in our lives. I know you are a humble man and I it’s not my intention to stir up pride in you, but we can both be grateful to God that He has given us all these gifts we don’t deserve.

Please rest your voice as the days of the debate draw near, and be confident that you have an army of supporters urging you on in this very important defense of Truth.

I love you my brother, keep up the good fight, and find strength, comfort and love from the Giver of life our God and Savior Jesus Christ.



From David, in Australia — 2-13-12

Hi Don,
Just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. I have been studying the bible for twenty years, especially the book of Revelation.
I was totally confused, with every book and every website giving a different interpretation; but desperately wanting to know the truth.
Last couple of years I started researching some rebel websites(being a rebel myself) and they recommended you.
I have now read 6 of your books( including two EBooks) and listened to three CD’s.
It is now so obvious that all eschatology is about the period starting at John the Baptiser and ending  at 70AD and the destruction of Old Covenant Jerusalem and the Temple. All eschatology is about the ending of the Mosaic Covenant and the Starting of Christ’s covenant.
Everything points to one SPECIAL period of time starting from John the Baptizer, and ending at 70 AD.
I now tend to believe that the terms “seventy weeks”, “1000 years”, and “times,times, and half a time”, are not mathematical periods, but are actually symbolic references to that SPECIAL period of time
At first this was distressing because it seemed to attack all my dreams of being one of the called and chosen ones to help Him establish His Kingdom, and it neatly destroyed all ideas I had about the “second Coming”. I felt empty for a while because all my old ideas fell apart. It is obvious that His Kingdom was already established at 70 AD; The New creation, the New Covenant was established at 70AD.
But slowly my confidence and faith is building. I had already disproved concepts like the rapture, and God torturing souls in hell eternally. This information is the icing on the cake.
I can now see that my salvation is already completed.
The Lord called me to “Coach Christians how to walk in their “inheritance”
I can now see what that inheritance is. It is total Justification, Sanctification, Righteousness in Christ, and freedom from fear. Its already been completed. I just need to teach others to live in that completion; to live IN CHRIST.
Thank You again
God’s Aussie.




From Mike in


I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how overwhelmed and happy I am having discovered your website and Covenant Eschatology!  I’m 50 years old and perhaps have lived the past 30 years in frustration relative to my Christian life due to confused messages about eschatology and how pulpits use eschatology to manipulate and control their flock.  Now, the reason I’m happy is that finally things make sense! Conversely, I’m delightfully overwhelmed because I’m finally learning correct eschatology and quickly realizing that I’m free to live the life God has given me.


I asked Mike’s permission to post his comments, and here is his response: (6-16-11)

Yes, by all means, use my comments! Don, I can’t tell you how important this is to me.  Just a week ago I was on the verge of abandoning The Faith due to the confusing nature, disappointment and charlatanism that has become “Christianity”.  It seems that the Dispensational message allows for false prophets (“God told me _________”, “Well, God told me_________” ) and realized eschatology is sh
owing me God is true and everyone else is a liar…God kept His promises!.  I would like to come out to the Pilgrimage but will not be able to but will look forward to the DVDs.


Mike in Baltimore, Ohio




Received 3-9-11

“I have done much research and have chatted with a number of preterists.  I am growing in my knowledge as a preterists.  I thank you for your contribution.

I have some observations.  Sir, I don’t understand partial preterism.  Everything may not have ended completely at AD 70 but regardless, nothing can be in our future as far as bible prophecy.  It appears to me that partial prets are nothing more than futurists who hold that some prophecies have been fulfilled.  Also, what’s with this people feel like they have to repent when they leave full preterism?  I don’t remember denouncing Christ when I became a preterist.  Wow!  The time statements alone, and the fact of audience relevance proves to me that the bible was written for us and not to us.  I don’t have all the details, but this idea of orthodoxy is dangerous that many partial prets claim.  Why don’t we all just go back to dispensationalism if we care so much about orthodoxy?  Blessings.”

I could not agree more with the above comment!  (DKP)






Received 2-2-11 from “Bob” commenting on the fact that I have begun posting videos on YouTube (finally)!!:

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Don I have been hoping and praying that YOU, our best presenter of Preterism, would get on YouTube. When you bring up ‘Preterism’ on the net, you usually get a fellow who is PART-pret. It is so gratifying to see you there. God bless you as you minister, on what I believe to be, the best medium ever invented for the proclamation of the Gospel!

In Christ, Bob


Received 11-13-10: My name is David … and I have been a Preterist for almost four years now. I have listened to some mp3s of your Preterist Pilgrim Weekend conferences in the past, an audio version of your “Like Father, Like Son” book, and have been listening to the “Two Guys and a Bible” podcast. I also have various articles of yours from your eschatology.org site that I have printed out for personal reading and have read your articles in Fulfilled Magazine. “The Elements Shall Melt With Fervent Heat” however is the first book of your’s I have begun to read. Granted I am only on page 40 but I could not resist contacting you and letting you know just how exciting this book is to read. The connections you make using Scripture to show how the Apostles teachings line up to and are directly derived from Moses and the Prophets is amazing. It is so hard to put this book down and that’s a problem I do not mind having. I really like how after you have presented your points you summarize by putting forth the only options one has in light of what Scripture teaches. Thank you so very much for your dedication to study the Scriptures and your willingness to share with others what God has revealed to you. Thanks, David … “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”


— Charles Schultz **************************** Received 11-2-10: Don, thank you so much for responding. I am looking forward to receiving those books. Preterism view is all new to me. By reading your books, I feel like my eyes have been opened to the truth of Scriptures. I have been blinded for all these years.  My spirit is hungry to know more of the Truth of Scriptures and I have the passion of sharing them to others. I really appreciate you for taking the time to write all your books and having the boldness for   speaking  and standing up for the integrity  of the sacred Scriptures. Once again, thank you. Received from “Nelson.”



Received 6-26-10– from Mark– I just got the opportunity to sit down and read Don’s response to W. Jackson on Rev 1:1. All I can say is wonderful job, Don!!  Oh, that I could have a command of the subject matter like you, Don.  And even having it, being able to call it out with such surgical precision is something, indeed. I especially liked the reply to his statements about the elasticity of time. Great work and thanks for chance to read. Mark


Received 6-14-2010

I just finished for the first time(I’ll be reading it again) your e-book “Into All The World Then Comes The End.” I really like seeing how the Bible is so tied together.  Before Preterism, my understanding of God was not consistent. But now I’m seeing how God so marvelously executed His plan of redemption.

Thanks for all that you do.

Hey, Congratulations on your honorary doctorate degree from Vision International University.  It is well deserved and no one has put together a better set of doctorate dissertations then you have with all of the books that you have written.

I have to also thank Wayne Jackson because of his mention of A.D. 70 folks I’m now a Preterist.

If I hadn’t investigated the A.D. 70 folks I would still be a whatever I was: dazed and confused. J

I feel really great about my God and his desire to be with me.





<<I know your a busy person so I will keep this short. My name is Paul ….. and I just wanted to Thank you for helping me to understand so much more of the Bible. I have listened to your debates, and your preaching.  I find it really informative and uplifting.  I know you must here it a thousands times but it doesn’t hurt to say it one more time.  Thank you.>>



<<I really appreciate your ministry and help.  I consider you the best eschatology teacher I’ve ever heard.  Your lessons are like Christian steroids.  I’m growing so much from your ministry.>>


Hi Don,

You probably don’t remember me but I am from …, CO and met you when you came and spoke to our group several years ago.  I have read your books and listened to your studies on Preterist Radio and elsew
here and receive real blessings from your studies.  Yesterday I listened to “Were the Disciples Confused” while I helped my wife clean the house.  What a great study.  Now I need to sit down with Bible and notebook in hand and go through it again. 

All of my family on my wife’s side are strong Dispensationalists.  My mother-in-law who passed on many years ago attended Bob Jones U.  So you know where she was coming from.  I find your studies helpful in sharing with these folks and posted “Were the Disciples Confused” on my Facebook page mainly for them.  I hope they listen and I thank you for your good work.




Peace to you, Don,
I was researching the concept of the eternal kingdom being one that was broken up and then consumed the other kingdoms, and found your site.
This particular teaching of course seems to address the issue/objection of the Jews who are awaiting a Messiah who would rule from the time of his being identified as such, as Jesus’ Spiritual Kingship is scattered all over the earth as represented by the Body of believers, and will one day have physical dominion over the other kingdoms/nations as well.
As I was reading the information on your site, the quality of it just sent me immediately to the About Us and the Contact links, to say Thank You!  God has truly blessed all who seek Him with abundant knowledge delivered from many springs that flow from the same Rock.  I will plan to drink more from your site later!  janice menapace gittino, tarpon springs, fl
Don , It was so good to meet you after reading and listening to your teachings for a year.. I think I listened to every audio on your web sight so I had to hear your voice without seeing you to make sure it was you.My wife Sylvia is planning for the future and my teenage son that attended your conference is now having fun debating his friends by phone texting.I was especially thrilled to hear of your future with Vision International.My memory of eschatology from bible college is a blur.I always suspected that it didn’t make sense that God didn’t make sense but I needed help figuring it.
Your insights have changed my and my family’s lives in ways hard to explain.The truth has set us free.Time is on our side.What I build matters.I’m in the construction business.I even tend to think God has an order of events in his realm too, but maybe that is beyond me.However the recently discovered fact that time is a part of the fabric of our universe only encourages that belief. Our present home may be a reflection of our future home with Him.

Another son of mine is presently traveling around the states with Communicators for Christ (visit http://www.instituteforculturalcommunicators.org/meeticc tab down to Phillip R.) and he requested some of your books.He said he thought I was crazy at first. He was raised in Awanas and received the highest award; Citation. But he is now fully convinced of Covenant Eschatology.Thanks again for all your hard work. I’m convinced it won’t be burned up.
From seven new covenant eschatolgians,
9-14-09– From Huntsville, Tx
A resounding thanks. As the week develops (like going to church and listening to the news) the echo of your presentations casts a new light on interpreting current events. One cannot be unaffected. I just finished a book called “How I Lost MY Faith reporting on religion in America”. Indeed Bill Lobdell lost his faith – to date. I could not be unaffected by that either. BUT, the common connection is that knowledge affects the heart, mind and soul, but ones faith is affected by God and nothing else no matter what. In conclusion, your arguments for Covenant Eschatology are 100 percent persuasive. Yet, the more important, to me, discovery is what you call letting the Bible speak for itself. Thanks for all!!!!! In Christ.
9-9-09– In Reference to Don K. Preston’s book We Shall Meet Him In The Air:

Your book came in the mail today.  The first few pages are worth the price of the book.  Thanks.

8-21-09– In reference to the radio debate between Don K. Preston and Bryan Schwertley (Postmillellianist). The debate was carried on Covenant Radio.

To Don K. Preston: Christendom’s Most Gifted Eschatological Expositor

Grace and peace to you, brother. I just finished listening to you in a series of debates on covenant radio.  Thank you for always carrying yourself with dignity and respect. Partial preterist Schwertley’s attack on you can only be described as “demonic.” He has heaped reproach upon his cause and unfortunately upon all Christian’s in the eyes of non-believers. We must pray for him and others like him.


Peace and love in christ,

Your brother,


Some Feedback about the 2009 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend

From Eugene, in Missouri:  (8-4-09)

“Pilgrim’s Weekend 2009 was a very wonderful and enlightening weekend for my wife and I.  This year Ruthie, my wife of 41 years, agreed to come and we had a great time.  I have many notes to review and study and I expect that these will keep me busy for a while.  I enjoyed all presenters and look forward to coming again next year, if the Lord permits.”


From minister, Erick, from Oklahoma:  (7-23-09)

“I hope all is well with you and yours. My wife and I attended the recent Preterist Weekend, and I wanted to express how much we enjoyed and profited from the teaching and are so thankful for your efforts advancing God’s kingdom. I believe you are the tip of the spear in the battle for the truth of fulfilled eschatology. We have listened to the Revelation 101 series, and the logical arguments from Scripture you presented there are irrefutable to any rational person and have served to solidify in our minds that preterism is the only interpretive scheme through which the Bible can be properly understood and faithfully applied. We view preterism as more than merely a “system of eschatology,” but a comprehensive hermeneutical method of interpreting the entire Bible which carries far-reaching implications for how we view the world, politics, and life in general. We are preparing to go through the Hosea series next.
I purchased most of your books at the conference, and have begun devouring them. I read “Can You Believe Jesus Said this?!” and am delighted in the soundness of your argumentation accompanied by a pastor’s heart and an obvious love for God’s truth. Incidentally, it was my reading of Matthew 16:27-28 one day about a year a
go that prompted me on an extensive investigation into “full preterism” as opposed to the “partial preterism” I had held to that point. After reading J. Stuart Russell’s “The Parousia” a second time, I had a decision to make: 1) deny inspiration (and with it, lose any reliable foundation for my faith), 2) affirm inspiration but irrationally insist on falsified presuppositions that plainly contradict faithful translations and sound exegesis, or 3) humbly admit error, shift my paradigm, and submit to God’s exegetically verifiable and logically undeniable truth. I have chosen the latter, and your ministry is tremendously helping to confirm us in that decision. Thank you, sir. You’re a precious brother to this family in Glenpool. (I only wish we lived closer and could regularly attend services with you or brother Scott.)

Prosperous Regards,



From Glenn in North Carolina:  (7-22-09)

“Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed PPW!  My plans are that Betty Sue and I shall never miss it again! I will trust the Lord to make a way!”


From Stephen in North Carolina: (7-21-09)“I just wanted to thank you, Jan and all the others who helped with the putting the conference together, for a wonderful, wonderful time of fellowship and learning!!  I talked to so many fascinating people and really hated to leave, but it just makes me all the more anxious to get back next year.  The speakers were great as usual and I was tremendously pleased with the new guys.  They both are obviously very capable speakers, but to be honest, I was more impressed by their person.  My heart aches to see you all of again and a year seems so far away, but you know how time seems to fly sometimes and maybe it will not seem so long after all.”


Concerning Our Ministry, from Micah: (7-20-09)

Dear Mr. Preston,

I want to thank you for your work on Covenant Eschatology.  I was introduced to preterism by the likes of Gary DeMar and my brother Tim Martin.  After a thorough study, I have come to the full (or as you put it “true”) preterist belief.  I can not tell you how this has changed my (and my families) walk with Christ.  I grew up in a conservative Christian home, and never really had a time in my life that I was not “going to church” and didn’t believe.  However, my life in the Kingdom has really blossomed since I came to understand the Bible as one complete story with a beginning and an end!  So many things make so much more sense now and I am amazed at how empowering life in the Kingdom can be when we put away our futurist (and even partial-futurist) eschatology. 

Since becoming a true-preterist, I have had difficulty finding good preaching from this point of view.  I still regularly attend an Orthodox Pres. Church that is heavily Postmill with a minority of Dispensationalist hold overs.  The preaching for the most part is really good, but on many topics I see the futility of approaching the Scriptures without a fulfilled eschatology view in mind.  The Bible is chopped into little pieces over and over rather than taking the story as a whole and applying it to our life in the Kingdom. Because I am self employed I am able to listen to a lot of sermons throughout the week. I am currently listening to many of the sermons you preached that are posted on your website.  I want to take the time to thank you for posting those. It is so refreshing to hear normal preaching with a true-preterist perspective. That is a hard thing to find, but well worth the effort of searching.

I want to encourage you to continue to stand strong as you defend this position. Your work is not in vain. I also hope to be able to make it to one of the Preterist Pilgrim weekends one of these days. In the meantime I will have to settle for the MP3’s.

Thanks again and may God continue to bless you and your ministry. For His Glory.



Darrell— Grateful in Kentucky,  (8-6-09)

“I just want to drop a short note of extreme gratefulness to you for your work.  Since starting to actually study FOR MY OWN about 3 years ago, the Word has enlightened and changed my life (as God said it would).  I know it is God that is accomplishing this work, however, in the last few months since joining the mob and being introduced to you and your work, I have enjoyed daily joy and thrill to continue in my spiritual journey.  You are truly a talent and an asset to anyone wanting to actually study the Bible and divorce oneself from the chains of tradition and unwritten creeds we have created.  Your style is superb and very methodical and easy to follow.  I won’t continue to ramble, but just want to say thanks to you and encourage you to continue to humbly serve our God in the way you are now.>>


Received from “Tina” (6-30-09)
“I just finished reading Who Is This Babylon? and want to thank you for writing it. I don’t see how anyone could read this book and not agree with you. It is obviously scripturally sound and makes too much sense–and keeps the flow of scripture that no other view keeps. And how faith strengthening to see God’s word revealed in such a powerful and amazing way! I am an underliner, and I’ve just about underlined the whole book. Thanks again!”

From Kevin in Chicago—

Dear Mr . Preston,

I recently discovered your web-site and wanted to sent you some brief words of encouragement and appreciation. I have been a Christian, in one form or another for most of my 38 years. Unfortunately, in my late teens, I misinterpreted scriptures like John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 as being license to sin and still have salvation. The result was years followed by deception, alcohol, sexual immorality and general un-Godly behavior.The Lord opened my eyes several years a go and since then has been slowly transforming me into more of the kind of person he had in mind when he created me.
I’m a Police Officer in the Chicago area and though I still struggle occasionally with my past life-style, I can honestly say that the only thing that I’m truly addicted to is the study of God’s word.
I started getting into Eschatology a couple of years a go after reading Tim LaHaye’s, “Left Behind” series. I had just previously finished reading the Bible from cover to cover and had completely missed the concept of a pre-trib rapture. I then read LaHaye’s “Are We Living in the End Times”, really wanting to believe the doctrine but never being comfortable with it. I kept reading scriptures like Matt 24:27-31, 1Cor 15:52, 1Thes 4:15-17, and Rev 20;4-5 and couldn’t help thinking that they were describing the same events. I began studying the Post-Trib and Pre-wrath views, but found problems with these views as well.
My focus then went to Daniel 2,7,9 and 12 and trying to refute the theory of Premillennial Dispensationalism: The idea being that if Jesus fulfilled Daniel 9:24-27 with the cross, that dispensationalists were wrong and all of the dispensational theories could be dismissed.
Unfortunately in all my studies of Eschatology over the last two years or so, I have no more answers than when I started, in-fact, I think I’ve digressed. It’s dawned on me recently that in all this intense biblical prophesy study that my evangelism efforts have almost completely stopped. Recently, I have backed off of the End Times studies and gone back to just studying and meditating on God’s word.
The problem is that with all of the events happening in the world today and with all of the differing theories on biblical prophesy and really angry and passionate views that are out there, I can’t help revisiting the issues.
If we are truly living in the end times, it is important for believers to know what God’s word truly say’s about them.
I have found your web-site to be a breath of fresh air. You seem to approach the issues with a sense of complete honesty and realism (with respect to God’s word) that I don’t see many other places.
I wish that I could of heard your debate with Thomas Ice. I’ve read some of his responses to theories differing than his and found that he really doesn’t give his followers the whole picture.
In any case, I just wanted to thank you for your work and ministry and let you know I’m looking forward to future additions to your web-site.

Your Brother In Christ,






Received 4-14-09

I continue to deeply appreciate your efforts to teach, debate, and search the Scriptures and have materials for study available.

Thank you,
Received 3-21-09 From Bill
Mr. Preston;
Dear sir. Allow me to express my appreciation for the Truly Great work you are doing to advance the Truth and clear up misunderstanding about the Preterist viewpoint.
I have been listening to quite a few of your audio works (Your 70 weeks was simply magnificent!), but tonight I was listening to a recording of your debate with Mr. Engelsma and I don’t understand how you maintained your composure! I was waiting to hear how he would explain the Matt.. 24 “genea” passage ( figuring he would claim it meant that “generation” means “Jewish Race”), and was shocked at the weak argument that it didn’t mean Jesus was to return “soon”, but only that it was the “next big event to occur.” Huh? I’ll come visit you “soon”, which naturally means that I may visit Ardmore in 50 years or so…..?
I particularly enjoyed Mr. Engelsma’s “Parable of the Talents” explanation – the Master went away and “delayed” His return. Okay, but you’ll notice that when He did return (after His delay) that He demanded an accounting from the SAME PEOPLE that He gave the talents TO – not their Great-Great-Grandchildren!


Received  2-28-09


I just wanted you to know that I have been converted from partial preterism to full preterism.
I’m forty-five years old, live in Owasso, and have been a Christian for about twenty-five years. The first ten years or so as a Christian, I attended Church on the Move (COTM) in Tulsa. This church teaches the prosperity gospel and the futurist view of eschatology. Thus, I believed the end times and the so-called anti-Christ were yet to come.
Though I assumed that the preacher (Willie George) was knowledgeable about the Bible, I couldn’t help but think that some of his teachings didn’t fit with reality. After doing my own research, I found that Willie’s prosperity teachings were more cult-like than Christian. In the mid nineties, as a result of my own research and God opening my eyes to the truth, I left COTM.
I continued studying the Scriptures on my own after being led astray by Willie George and his teachings that come out of the faith movement. After years of study, I came to accept the biblical view of the reformers and Covenant theology. It was then that I found that there were more views of eschatology than just the futurist view.
After intense study I had no choice but to accept the much more logical view that the end times happened in the first century. I then categorized myself as a partial preterist, leaning towards amillennialism. But one certain text of the Bible still bothered me; a text that still didn’t make sense, the millennium.
Amillennialist believe that after the millennium the devil will be let loose to deceive the nations once more. I just couldn’t understand why this would be necessary for God to do 2000 years or further into the future. In other words, if the end of the Old Covenant came by Jesus’ death and resurrection, and His judgment on Jerusalem in 70 AD, then what would be the point of releasing Satan again before the general resurrection? What deception would really be necessary before the general resurrection in order for God to resurrect the saints? There is already the deception of numerous Christian cults, religions, and secular world views. What difference would another deception make?
I began thinking: What if the thousand years was not really a thousand years? What if it was less than a thousand years; a time period for certain things to take place?
I had your website on my computer, listed under eschatology. I keep all eschatology sites I know of listed just in case I need to refer to them for some reason. I thought, “Maybe Don Preston has addressed this issue on his website since he is a full preterist?” I used your advanced search and found that indeed you had addressed this issue.
After reading your article that addresses the thousand years and several other articles on your website, the missing pieces of my eschatological puzzle were put in place. For the first time in my twenty-five years as a Christian, I am fully satisfied with my end times view.
I apologize for the long e-mail. I just thought you should know that you helped someone and that your efforts are worthwhile. I myself, am trying to reach those in the “Word of Faith Movement” with the truth, so I know that a little encouagement goes a long ways.
Your brother in Christ,

(In Oklahoma)


<Received 2-24-09:

Don,I just wanted to drop a note to express how blessed I have been by your book, Who Is This Babylon?I first studied Daniel / Ezekiel and Revelation under Jim McGuiggan, who I have tremendous respect for both as a friend and a teacher.  Influenced mostly by Jim, and heavily biased towards what might be considered “partial preterism” I set out to write a book on the subject of eschatology. (mostly for my own benefit)  I poured over  quite a few commentaries representing every angle, but it was The McGuiggan / King Debate that first shook my confidence and caused me to reconsider much of my position. Since that time I have been so blessed by the works of Chilton, Russell, Gentry (On dating), and yourself.  A few years ago I had to throw my own work out and start completely over.   Your book was well presented and quite ompelling. 
Thanks so much for your work! ~Geoff >


Received 1-18-09

Don, I can’t believe how long it has been since I said thank you for your ministry!!!

Thank you!

Keep up the good work!

From Edward



Received 1-4-2009
Mr. Preston,
I read several of your articles in Fulfilled! magazine and saw you on The Last Days on Trial video with John Anderson, John Noe, Gene Fadley and Ed Stevens. Thank you for searching the scriptures and teaching the truth at any cost.  You have helped my understanding of the Bible enormously!

From Christin


Received 6-25-08

Received your cd set on 1 Cor.15.  Wow!!!!!!!!
I have only begun with the 1st cd in digesting it. Thought i had 1 Cor. 15 down and locked, boy was I wrong.  Even though I had come to fulfilled
prophecy belief 25/30 years ago, I am learning that I have only seen the surface of the ice burg. I am beginning to understand why several whom
I have tried to teach just didn’t understand, I didn’t understand.  May be when I learn some more, I will be a better teacher. I would suggest that if any out there don’t have Don’s 1 Cor. 15 cd’s they get them.  Great work
From Dick