Two New Resources Now Available!


We are glad to announce that two new items are now available for Bible students interested in the study of Covenant Eschatology.

Preston – V- Welch Formal Debate

The first is an MP3 (audio) of the Preston – V- Welch Formal debate, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, in July of 2008. This four night debate was very well attended. I wish that I could say that Mr. Welch conducted himself as a Christian gentleman, but, I would not be speaking the truth! His manner was caustic, and he constantly misrepresented the views of proponents of preterism. In fact, I had some folks from his side of the aisle contact me and apologize for Mr. Welch’s conduct, stating that although they do not accept preterism, I had conducted myself as a Christian gentleman, while Mr. Welch’s conduct was “shameful.” I repeatedly asked Mr. Welch to document his claims about what preterists supposedly believe, and, to stop his misrepresentations, but, my appeals did not good.

Nonetheless, a lot of good material was covered in this debate. I focused on the fountain and source of all New Testament eschatology, the Old Testament. Mr. Welch initially said that his eschatological hope was, in a way, based on the Old Testament, but then, he adamantly insisted that the Old Covenant was completely fulfilled and removed at the Cross! One of the questions that I posed in almost every one of my presentations was, “If the Old Testament was abrogated at the Cross, and Old Covenant Israel ceased to be God’s covenant people, how is it that the New Testament writers constantly said that they were anticipating the imminent fulfillment of the (dead) Old Covenant promises, made to a (now) covenantally dead people? Mr. Welch never offered so much as a syllable of response.

One of the telling moments was Mr. Welch’s position on the atonement and Daniel 9. I had submitted a written question to him asking What, if any actions must Jesus yet fulfill to complete the atonement process.” Mr. Welch said that Christ must come again, the Second Time.

In response, I noted that Daniel 9 says that seventy weeks, ending no later than A.D. 70, were determined to make the atonement. For seven speeches I pointed out that Mr. Welch’s own answer demanded that the second coming was no later than A.D. 70, or, the seventy weeks are not yet fulfilled. Mr. Welch’s desperation became visible to all when, in his very last speech of the debate, he experienced a “debate conversion” changing his position entirely! He claimed, in a rather quiet voice, and almost in passing, that the atonement was completely finished at the Cross!

Most of Mr. Welch’s time was spent ridiculing Covenant Eschatology, making ad hominem arguments, asking how anyone could possibly believe what Preston is saying! For instance, he spent a lot of time in one of his affirmatives pointing out how far Jerusalem was from Athens, Thessalonica, Rome, etc. He illustrated his point of geography with some slick overhead projections. Then, with red face, he rather stridently asked, repeatedly, why people (Gentiles at that!), hundreds of miles removed from Jerusalem would be even remotely interested in the fulfillment of Old Covenant promises made to the Jews, in the destruction of a Jewish city.

By way of response, I noted that Athens, Rome, Corinth, etc. were the same distance from the Cross as was the destruction of Jerusalem! I then asked him to tell the audience why anyone hundreds of miles away, would be in the slightest manner interested in the death of just another rabble rousing Jew! I can tell you that this point made a major impression on many of the preachers in the audience. Mr. Welch never even attempted to answer the question, choosing simply to repeat his argument.

There is a ton of material in this debate for private study. Examinations of the unity of the Olivet Discourse, the Wedding of Christ (an argument totally, 100% ignored by Mr. Welch), the passing of Torah, and much, much more is in this debate. While you will be (probably) somewhat offended by Mr. Welch’s unbecoming conduct, you will nonetheless benefit from the wealth of material in the debate.

Price is $24.95 +4.50 shipping. You can order directly through PayPal if you wish, but, you must be sure to designate what you are ordering since the debate is not yet listed on the website.


2008 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend

The second new item we are offering (finally) is the DVD (video) of the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend of 2008! To a person, the atttendees, who set an attendance record for this seminar, said this was one of the most outstanding preterist seminars ever! Speakers included William Bell, Jack Scott, Stephen Temple, Larry Siegle, Sam Frost. The theme and topic was, What Does the Bible Say About the Resurrection?

I don’t have to tell you that the resurrection is always the key last element in the study of preterism. Within the preterist camp there are even several differing views of the resurrection. So, this seminar was aimed at dispelling some of the cloud, some of the dust, and bring a bit of clarity to the table. From all accounts, it was a great success! Here is a list of the topics covered:

1.) Don K. Preston– The Deat of Adam– The Life of Christ


2.) Sam Frost– The O. T. Source of the N. T. Doctrine of the Resurrection


3.) Stephen Temple– The Imminence of the Resurrection in the First Century #1


4.) Sam Frost– The O. T. Source of the N. T. Doctrine of the Resurrection #2


5.) Jack Scott– Resurrection from the Ground Up– An Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 15 #1


6.) William Bell– Manifesting the LIfe of Jesus in Our Mortal Flesh


7.) Stephen Temple– The Imminence of the Resurrection in the First Century #2


8.) Larry Siegle– Resurrection: Your Life Depends On It.


9.) Jack Scott– Resurrection from the Ground Up– An Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 15 #2


10.) Wiliam Bell– The Death, Burial and Non-Resurrection of the Physical Body


11.) Larry Siegle– Resurrection: Unity In Community


12.) Don K. Preston– Daniel 12 and the Resurrection


These were all powerful, solid, exegetically based lessons that will benefit Bible students for years to come! Get your copy of this DVD seminar today! Price is $27.95 plus $4.50 shipping. You can pay through PayPal as well, but, be sure to designate what you are purchasing.

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