2008 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Announcement!

Time and Theme for the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2008 is Announced!

Preterist Research Institute is very excited to announce the time and the theme for our 2008 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend!

The time will be July 17-19.

The Location will be, once again, the excellent facilities of the brand new Ardmore Convention center.

The Theme for the 2008 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend will be: What the Bible Teaches About the Resurrection!"

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To our knowledge, there has never been a preterist seminar devoted solely to a discussion of the resurrection. Needless to say, this is a critical doctrine, and is normally the "last peg" to fall into place for those studying preterism. It is also the issue that opponents of Covenant Eschatology like to "attack. since, as they like to say: "The graveyards are still full, therefore the resurrection has not occurred!"

There are, currently, several differing and disparate views of the resurrection circulating in the preterist community. And, while all preterists agree that the resurrection prophecies came into a reality at the end of the Old Covenant age in A.D. 70, there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the nature of the resurrection. A few of the different concepts of the resurrection currently circulating involve:

1.) The Death of the Garden, the death to be overcome in Christ, was physical death. Man only began to die when he ate the fruit, but did not die for 900+ years.

2.).The Believer is "resurrected" when/after they die physically. The Believer currently does not have truly eternal life, but receives that at death

3.) There was a physical rapture in A.D. 70.

4.) There remains a resurrection in the future, because the millennium began in A. D. 70. This is not, in the truest sense of the word, a preterist position, but is a futurist view. However, some who call themselves preterists nonetheless espouse this.

5.) The resurrection of the dead is not directly related theologically to the end of the Mosaic Covenant.

6.) If the resurrection has become a reality, then all men are automatically saved, i.e. the doctrine of universalism.

7.) The resurrection and the parousia of Christ were not historical events, but, are fulfilled solely in the individual lives of believers when they are converted to Christ.

8.) Is the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15 corporate or individual?

Our plan at this time is to have six speakers–some are already committed to being here– who will address first of all what the Bible positively says about the resurrection, and then address how this contrasts with some of the issues currently being discussed.

As you can see, this seminar offers to be one of the greatest and most important seminars in the history of the current preterist movement!


I am personally extremely excited about next years Preterist Pilgrim Weekend! You don’t want to miss this, so start making your plans now!

Don K.