New Book: Avenging the Apostles and Prophets

The Book of Revelation is one of the most fascinating, yet, abused books in the Bible. Many Bible students seem blissfully unaware that one of the dominant themes of the book, that begins with chapter 1, and goes through chapter 22, is the avenging of the blood of the martyrs. Furthermore, seemingly most commentators, while giving lip service to this theme, do not correlate Revelation and the theme of the vindication of the martyrs with Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 23. This is a fatal oversight that prevents the proper interpretation of the Apocalypse!

In this major work, Arthur Ogden explores in-depth the theme of the vindication of the martyrs. He demonstrates that John is not introducing new material, foreign from, or different from that foretold by the Old Testament prophets, or Jesus, or Paul. Ogden shows that there is a harmonius thread that runs throughout the Bible: God would avenge the blood of the saints in Israel’s last days– not at the end of time!
You will find a wealth of information in this in-depth analysis of Revelation. You will thrill at the excellent exegesis and unity of Revelation that Ogden presents. The book avoids sensationalism, and focuses on exegesis, context and logic.
While the author stops short of a full preterist presentation– taking Revelation 20f as a break in the development of the major theme–he nonetheless, in my estimation, lays a great groundwork and foundation for the preterist paradigm.
This book is a very valuable contribution to the study of Revelation. It will definitely help you in your understanding of the Apocalypse. Get your copy today!
475 pages, hardback