We Are Headed To Weatherford, Texas

We Are Headed to Weatherford, Texas!

We are glad to announce an upcoming seminar to be held in Weatherford, Texas.

Dates: September 15-19, 7:30 each evening


Location: 201 Case Street, Weatherford, Tx. 76086.


Contact Information: 1-817-300-0954


Theme: Answering Christianity’s Greatest Challenge

Christianity is being confronted today with many challenges. The Moslems, the Jews, the atheists, all believe they have found the Achilles Heel of Christianity: The (supposedly) failed predictions of Jesus and his apostles that the end of the age and His coming would be in the first century.


Christian young people on college campuses are being challenged by atheistic professors, as well as "evangelistic" and militant Moslem and Jewish antagonists, determined to destroy faith in Jesus.


Lamentably, no futurist view of Jesus’ Coming can properly answer and meet these major challenges. Even leading evangelicals like John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, etc. agree that this is a huge challenge facing modern Christianity.


Is there an answer, or, did Jesus and his apostles actually make false predictions? Is the Bible trustworthy, or, should we jettison all reliance on it as God’s Word?


In this seminar, Don K. Preston will candidly examine and confront what some call the Greatest Challenge to Christianity. In a series of lessons, Preston will examine Jesus’ predictions, and take a close look at what the Bible meant by "the Day of the Lord." Solid, Biblical, and logical answers will be given to help equip believers– and refute unbelievers.


The following is a list of topics:


Can God Tell Time: Answering Christianity’s Greatest Challenge


These Be The Days of Vengeance When All Things That Are Written Must Be Fulfilled


Matthew 24-25– Did Jesus Really Predict the End of the World?


In Flaming Fire: A Look At A Dramatic Prophecy


Who Is This Babylon: A Look At Revelation


If you love to study prophecy, you need to attend this seminar.

If you are perplexed by Jesus’ supposedly failed prophecies, you need to attend this seminar.

If you are willing to learn, be challenged, and grow as a Bible student, you need to come to this seminar.

If you want to help equip yourself, and today’s young people to meet the challenges of our times, you need to come to this seminar.


There will be book tables with books and materials available.


There will be a Question and Answer period following each night’s lesson. (Written questions)