Don K. Preston on Syndicated Radio Program, July 2

We are glad to announce that Don K. Preston, president of Preterist Research Institute, will appear on a nationally syndicated radio program, on July 2. The program is hosted by Gianni Hayes, author and lecturer, and will be carried on over 500 radio stations! Attempts were made to get several dispensational figures to engage Preston in debate on this program, with no success. However, Mr. Fred Coulter, author and minister, will appear on the second hour of Haye’s program, to address the issues raised by Mr. Preston. Mr. Coulter refused to debate Mr. Preston, insisting that Preston was "impossible to debate." We regret that he refused to engage in honorable discussions, choosing instead to simply appear on the radio program after Preston was finished, and then seek to counter Preston’s comments. Nonetheless, this promises to be an interesting program, with an opportunity to present the truth of Covenant Eschatology to a very wide audience. Below is the announcement posted by Ms. Hayes on her website.

Live call ins are welcome, and I encourage our visitors to call in and ask questions.

Time for the program is Wednesday, July 2, at  8-10pm, EST, and, you can listen in on the Internet at:


Here is the advertisement that Ms. Hayes posted on her website:

The popularity of Preterism is growing.  This belief that all of biblical prophecies have been fulfilled is greatly refuted by traditional Bible scholars.  Yet, Preterists make logical arguments while traditional Bible readers claim they can disprove each of those.  Don Preston is the leader in the Preterist movement and an indefatigable debater.  Fred Coulter is a traditional pastor.  The two will go head-to-head on this, with Mr. Preston enumerating reasons for Preterism, in the first hour, and Mr. Coulter, in the second hour, challenging each of them.
Don’t miss this show.  With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it behooves us to know if this is prophecy being fulfilled and we are at End-Times, or if it doesn’t matter since scriptural prophecies supposedly already has been fulfilled.  Preterism is past-tense; traditional belief is present and future tense.
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