Deaver-V-Preston Debate MP3s Now Available!

The Deaver-V-Preston MP3s Are Ready!

We are very happy to announce that the MP3 audios of the recently completed (March, 2008) three day formal debate between Mac Deaver Phd (amillennialist) and Don K. Preston (preterist) are now available for shipping! Thanks to some great team work and hard work, the files have been copied and produced at lightning speed, and are now ready for your listening and learning!


This was a very cordial, high level debate, between to eminently qualified, and experienced debaters.


Mac Deaver affirmed that the Second Coming of Christ will be at the end of the current Christian Age.

Don K. Preston affirmed that the Second Coming of Christ occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, at the end of the Old Covenant age of Israel.


You can read a report from one person who attended the debate at the following link:


However, if you want the minute by minute, point by point, actual debate, you can now order them directly from us. There was a ton of material covered in this debate, ranging from questions about the identity of Israel, the nature of the resurrection, New Testament eschatology and its relationship to God’s promises to Old Covenant Israel, the reality, or non-reality of salvation today, Daniel 9, the book of Thessalonians, the "universal" significance of the fall of Jerusalem, Job 19:25, and much, much more! One attendee said that this debate will set the standard for preterist-futurist debates for years to come! There is a veritable gold mine of information in these discussion


The DVD production of this debate will be forthcoming, but, it will still be a good while. But, you don’t have to wait! Regular price for this debate, in MP3, will be $24.95, plus $4.50, for a total of $29.45. However, as an introductory price, we are offering it for $25.00 postpaid! You can order this through PayPal– although it is not yet listed officially for a shopping cart– by using my email address, and sending that amount. Be sure to mention what you are purchasing, so that it will not get "lost in the shuffle.


There has been a tremendous amount of interest in this debate, so, these MP3s will go fast! Take advantage of our special low price– good through April only– and order your’s today!