Preterist Doings– Changing Our World!

We were recently contacted by a believer that has been trying to motivate more and more people to think for themselves about what is happening in our world, religiously, socially, and theologically. He has also recently come to understand the power of Covenant Eschatology to change our world for the better. He ordered several of our book Can God Tell Time? to give to his church leaders and other believers, to help them to see some of the issues involved.

This kind of brother is what we need to spread the Truth of Covenant Eschatology. We need "Movers and Shakers" people committed to changing the church and equpping it to confront and meet the challenges of a modern world.

We are omitting this brother’s name for confidentiality sake, but, he lives in the N. W. of America, and attends a congregation of "several thousand." He sent me a letter that he recently sent to the leaders of his church, asking them to consider Covenant Eschatology and what it can mean for them as a church, and for the world we live in. With his permission, I am posting his letter here for our visitors to read and contemplate.



Dear _____________Church spiritual leaders, March 27, 2008
God, knowing the limitations of our minds, God has carefully lead me to where I am today. First by showing me the deviousness and brutality of both the British and their Jewish co-conspirators in a third restoration of earthly Israel. This was about 12 years ago.
Two years after that, seeing through the lies and aware of the laws Israel had broken, He disclosed the fact that not all parties wanted peace in the “Holy Land.” These, it turned out, were a minority of Jewish leaders, and Christian Zionists. Both with tremendous influence.
While still looking at this conflict as a secular political problem, and beginning to see this conflict from both sides, and not just from our own media’s biased view, I saw the injustice that started this conflict evolve into a nightmare for the Palestinians when Israeli Prime Minister Sharon in 2002 and 2003 raked the Palestinians over the coals. I must admit to crying while reading some of those reports. Daily life for Palestinians only became worse even when the overwhelming killing stopped. Israel is using our tax dollars and arms for this oppression.
About 6 years ago it finally dawned on me that there were Palestinian Christians who were also being persecuted. They were also among the thousands of refugees created by Israel in 1948. That is when I first talked to Clark and Dan about my findings and feelings.
American Christians helping an unjust and brutal Israel rob and kill Palestinian Christians and Muslims? How can American Christians justify doing this to fellow Christians?
These questions and my concerns for the unjust treatment of our brethren in Palestine (and even Lebanon) has since driven me back to God and His word to see if this was really something God was doing. NO WAY!!!
For about the last 3 years, God has made me aware that His word was twisted by British Dispensationalists in the mid 1800s and has slowly come to be accepted as truth by American churches in general. This was greatly helped by Scofield and his “special” bible in particular.
Soon after that I also slowly became aware of a hermeneutic revealing much “futuristic” prophecy (rapture, anti-Christ, tribulation, etc.) as having already happened in 70 AD. This “full filled prophecy,” known also as “Preterism” is a total reversal of futurism and is something I’m still finding out more about. My findings have been more scriptural, positive and God-like.
My concern for you, our church, our nation and for the sake of the peace God desires His Palestinian Christian children to have very much depends on you becoming aware of negative aspects of Dispensationalist thinking. So organized and well funded (Christians United for Israel) it is fueling the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to continue until Israel possesses all her land so Jesus will return. This pressure has, without a doubt, been a force that has led our nation to attack Iraq and even now Rev. Hagee is pressuring our government to attack Iran before Iran attacks Israel.
Should you decide to investigate “full filled prophecy” and head off further unnecessary and unscriptural acts by Israel and Dispensationalists like Rev. Hagee, that only hurt many others, I have several articles and books that will help you. I’m very sensitive to all pro-Israeli propaganda and am very frustrated to see it taught in American churches, including ours.
In and for Christ, with brotherly concern, "Doug"