New Audio CDs: Romans 11:25-27

Romans 11:25-27 StudyNeedless to say, Romans 11.25-27 has been the source of tremendous perplexity in the theological world. Some call this text the most challenging of all of Paul’s writings. The dispensationalist use it to support their idea of a future conversion of national Israel. The postmillennialists use it to prove a yet future conversion of Israel at the end of the Christian age. The amillennialist don’t really know what to do with Romans 11!

Just recently, I was honored to appear on world wide radio, with the host Gary Parrish. I was privileged to be on for two weeks, and I gave two lessons on Romans 11.25-27, but, I clearly did not have time to go in-depth on these fascinating and important verses.

The feedback from the program was excellent, with several folks encouraging me to "do something" about producing a series of lessons on the text. So, I am glad to say that after countless hours of study, preparation, and recording, I have now produced a seven part study of Romans 11.25-27. Here is a listing of the seven presentation:

1.) The Blindness of Israel.

2.) The Fullness of the Gentiles and Paul’s Distinctive Mission

3.) Who Is The Israel of Romans 11.25f

4.) The Salvation of the Remnant.

5.) Isaiah 27 and Romans 11.25f

6.) Romans 59 and Romans 11.25f

7.) The New Covenant and Romans 11.25f

The lessons are each approximately 30-40 minutes long and will provide you with enough study material to last a long time! This series proves, conclusively, that the coming of the Lord of Romans 11.25f occurred at the judgment of Old Covenant Israel in A.D. 70. I am unaware of any other study like this, that covers the topics above. This is a great resource!

Price for the series is $29.50 + $4.50 postage. Please visit our store here to purchase this online now!

If you are like most Bible students, you have long pondered the difficulties of Romans 11. This powerful seven part exegetical study will remove a lot of your difficulties and provide you with emphatic, definitive, persuasive answers. You definitely need this study!

The study comes in CDs in MP3 format. My plan is to get all seven studies on one disc, but for the moment, it will come on seven discs.