1 Peter 1: The Salvation Ready To Be Revealed!


1 Peter 1.5f

Don K. Preston


Peter tells his readers that the object of their faith, salvation, was "ready to be revealed in the last time" (1 Peter 1:5). Few commentators take note of the background of Peter’s prediction, Daniel 12. The chart shows how Peter draws from Daniel.

Daniel 12

1 Peter 1:5-10

Time of the end, (v. 4, 9)

Last time present (v. 5, 20); "these last times"

Trying of faith many shall be purified and refined (v. 10)

Trying of faith as gold (v. 7)

Reward, everlasting life (v. 2), "shall arise to your inheritance" (v.13)

Inheritance incorruptible, undefiled (v. 3); the salvation of your soul (v. 9)

Foretold by Daniel

The salvation foretold by the prophets (v. 10).

Not for Daniel’s Day; "time of the end" you shall sleep" (v. 9)

Not for them, but us; ready to be revealed (v. 10-12

Peter knew he was living in the time of the end foretold by Daniel (Acts 2:17f). He awaited the eternal reward promised by Daniel. But whereas Daniel was told that his prediction was far off, Peter affirms that it was at hand and "ready to be revealed."

Those who insist that Biblical time statements mean nothing must deal candidly with this contrast. Peter says that what was once far off was now imminent. (See also 1 Peter 4:5,7, 17) Was he wrong to say that the prophets knew it was not for their day? If Biblical time statements are so"elastic" as to be meaningless how could the prophets know the predictions were not for their time? Was Peter wrong or mistaken to say that what was not for the prophet’s day was now imminent?

Peter clearly anticipated the arrival of what Daniel was told was far off. The salvation to come at the Day of the Lord was no longer far off. It was ready to be revealed. If the Day of the Lord and the revelation of that eternal salvation has not yet come, we have waited four times longer from Peter’s day till now than Peter did from Daniel’s. This view makes a mockery of Peter’s contrast between Daniel’s day and his.

Unless Peter was speaking of a different "time of the end," a different eternal salvation, a different "refining of the faith" process, than that foretold by Daniel, then the precise parallels between Daniel and 1 Peter 1 must be honored.

Daniel was told his prediction would be fulfilled "when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered" (Daniel 12:7). No other event so well qualifies as the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Peter’s epistle was written just a few short years before that event…when Jesus said redemption would come (Luke 21:28).

Daniel 12 foretold both terrible and wonderful things to come. Peter’s audience was experiencing the "refining" foretold by Daniel, but was eagerly anticipating the perfection of salvation. Eternal salvation has come or Peter’s affirmations and expectations failed.

It is something to ponder.