Don K. Preston Is Headed To Paris!

Don K. Preston is Headed to Paris!

We are very excited to announce that Don K. Preston (and wife) is headed to Paris, France, to hold what we believe to be the very first preterist conference ever!

A few years ago, we began corresponding with a group of believers near Paris. We discussed the possibility of one day holding a seminar there, and now, those discussions have led to an invitation!

So, the very first weekend in November of this year, the Prestons will travel to Paris to present the wonderful message of God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His word!

The hosting group has a They are in the process of translating their site into English for those, like me, who do not read French.

This group has held seminars on other topics or course, and had a very successful seminar last year. From the reports, interest is already building at a very encouraging rate for the upcoming seminar.

This is a wonderfully exciting time to be alive, isn’t it? As more and more doors of opportunity open up, the life changing, no, the world changing message of Covenant Eschatology is going to continue to spread, and transform our world!

If you want more information on this seminar, feel free to contact us.

If you are planning a vacation for overseas, perhaps you could include this seminar in your plans! We will post more information in the very near future. Please keep this effort, and our ministry, in your prayers!