Preterist Research Institute is Officially Non-Profit

Preterist Research Institute is Officially Non-Profit

We are very pleased, and relieved, to announce that Preterist Research Institute has been officially recognized as a "Non-Profit Organization" by the IRS. While we have been confident all along that this would occur, as everyone knows, you don’t "count your chickens before they hatch" with the IRS!

What this means is that your gifts and contributions to Preterist Research Institute are officially tax deductible. Several folks have asked us about this, and have indicated that once our non-profit status was confirmed, that they would like to contribute to our ministry. Well, that has now become a reality, and, may I please urge you to support our ministry if you can at all! At this time, we are still several hundred dollars per month, behind where we truly need to be, and, with some many doors of opportunity opening up, we want to be able to take full advantage.

I want to thank those of you who have been supporting us through your gifts, in anticipation of this day. Your support means so very, very much!

If you have any questions about our ministry, and how you can support us, please feel free to call: 1-580-226-4646, or email me,

You can actually sign up through PayPal for automatic monthly gifts to our ministry. On the left hand side of the home page of our site, there is a PayPal link that will guide you through the easy process.

Exciting things are happening in the world, as the message of Covenant Eschatology continues to grow and to change lives. Opportunities are opening up that were simply dreams a few short years ago. Radio programs, debates, seminars, book and DVD and CD distribution is reaching countless hearts for the Lord’s Truth.

We hope and pray that with this exciting approval of our non-profit, tax exempt status, that you will join our ministry in changing the world!


For His Truth, and In His Grace,


Don K. Preston

President: Preterist Research Institute (PRI)