Marty Angelo's Book Now Available From Us!

Marty Angelo’s Book Is Now Available From Us!

Did you know that a preterist recently ministered to Paris Hilton??

At our recent Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, I told the story of how a preterist author, Marty Angelo had recently ministered to Paris Hilton, while she was in jail. Hilton actually quoted from Angelo’s book, in her interview with Larry King, and noted how she had been blessed by the message of the book.

The book is called Once Life Matters, and is an emotionally charged, and touching story, that you may find helpful in your own life, or want to share it with others, who are "down and out."

Angelo was once a Rock Music superstar, but was almost destroyed by the lifestyle of sex, drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, due to faith in Christ, he found his way out, and now seeks to share that life saving, life changing message with others caught up in a web of self destruction. Marty’s book is his story, of failure, and recovery, and is a powerful, poignant testimony to the power of Jesus Christ!

The book sells on Amazon for $12.00 plus shipping, and as most know, shipping and handling through Amazon is not cheap! However, Marty has been kind enough to make me a special offer on the book, and I am offering the book to our visitors for $11.00 postpaid, total price! That is an excellent price, for an important book!

You can pay with PayPal, or call us to order with your CC. Our toll free number is You can pay with PayPal, or call us to order with your CC. Our toll free number is 1-877-221-4646. Just leave a message if we are not in office.

Be sure, if you use PayPal, to make a note reminding me what you are ordering. Order your copy of this moving book today!