Preterist Pilgrim Weekend

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend– 2007 Review and Other News–

Including Something On Paris Hilton!

The 2007 version of the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend is now history, and what a weekend it was! Attendees from several different states flocked to hear lessons on The Eschatology of the Book of Hebrews, given by William Bell, Larry Siegle, Jack Scott, and Don K. Preston. This was one of the best years ever for out of state guests, and all attendees were blessed by the richness of the lessons presented.

For the first time, this seminar was held in the brand new Ardmore Convention Center. This great facility has the capability of expanding our classroom size as this seminar continues to grow and become one of the best seminars anywhere! As it was this year, we had to drag out additional chairs to accomodate everyone, yet, we still had a small amount of expansion room. It was just such a thrill to see so many spiritually hungry people there!

For those who have inquired, we will have the CDs and perhaps MP3s available as soon as possible. The DVDs will take a bit longer, as the production folks want to edit the PowerPoint presentations into the film to make the presentations as complete and as effective as possible. We cannot yet announce a date or time for their availability, but hopefully, it will not be too long. We will send out a note asap when those are available.

This year’s seminar was held during the July 4th week, and needless to say, that although we did have excellent attendance, we still believe that a different date will make the seminar more "available" to other out of town visitors. So, while we do not have the dates finalized yet, we will definitely be having the seminar at a different time next year. Be watching for announcements! We already have three speakers lined up, with two "brand new"ones who have never spoken at our conference before. You don’t want to miss this next seminar!


In other news, on August 9-11, William Bell and I will be traveling to Seattle, Washington to hold a conference there. The details are elsewhere on this site, including the address and the schedule. I may be wrong, but I believe that this is the very first preterist seminar to be held in the N. W. There are a lot of folks in that area that have been contacted already, and interest is building! On the flip side of that, certain of the religious leaders in the area are about to go into panic mode and, according to some reports, are all but threatening their members if they attend! The paranoia has truly begun! It seems with some folks, the days of open Bible study are over, and they are simply intent on maintaining status quo, because they cannot, or will not, even entertain the idea that they do not already possess all Truth.


Speaking of traveling, Don K. Preston and wife will travel to Paris, France, for what is surely the first ever preterist seminar to be held there! This is a very exciting opportunity, and very challenging. There is however, a small group of believers that are preterist and they are intent on sharing the wonderful news with as many as possible. As we draw closer, we will post details for those that might possibly have the opportunity to attend the first ever preterist seminar in Paris, France!


In still other news, plans have been finalized and confirmed for a four day formal debate to be held in Indianapolis, Ind, next year. Here are some of the details:

Location: The debate will be at the High School Road church of Christ in Indianapolis, Indiana (3103 North High School Road).

Dates: July 7-8; 10-11, 2008

Disputants: Don K. Preston, preterist, and John Welch, amillennial church of Christ.



Resolved: The Scriptures teach that the resurrection of the dead occurred in 70 A. D.

The Scriptures teach that the resurrection of the dead occurred in 70 A. D.

Don K. Preston will affirm

John Welch Will Deny


Resolved: The Scriptures teach that there will be a resurrection of the dead at the end of the current age.

The Scriptures teach that there will be a resurrection of the dead at the end of the current age.

John Welch will affirm

Don K. Preston will deny


Just a teaser for now. I have recently been informed of the formation of two brand new preterist fellowships, in two different states. In addition, I have been (confidentially) informed of some very exciting news about things happening in other venues.


Finally, I want to share with you a bit of news. Something you probably might not expect on a preterist website! Virtually everyone knows–how could you not??– of the saga of Paris Hilton. This troubled young lady has been in the news constantly, because of being sentenced to jail for a short time. Frankly, all of the publicity is a revealing look into how sick American society is that we would become all but transfixed at the doings of wealthy young woman known more for her party life than for anything else!

Be that as it may, what most people do not know is that while she was in jail, a believer by the name of Marty Angelo, a former prominent band member who had hit the heights, and then the depths, sent her a book. Marty has authored a book about his own life, and his recovery through Christ, from the world of despair. The book is entitled When Life Matters. It is a great book, very touching, and I recommend it. What you probably do not know is that Paris Hilton quoted from that book on Larry King Live, and said that the book was a tremendous help to her, and has helped her to change her life. What you also probably do not know is that Marty Angelo is a full preterist, who believes that the story of Christ’s completed salvation is truly a powerful message for anyone and everyone! I hope to have some of Marty’s books available for those interested, very soon. It is a good read, very inspirational, and a great testimony to the life changing power of the gospel. You don’t have to agree with every theological point in the book to appreciate that wonderful message!


Well, these are just a few of the things that are in the works! As you can see, exciting things are happening, everywhere. And, if you have some exciting news to share, pass it along to me!