Finally Here: Acts and the Restoration of Israel!

Recently, Don K. Preston completed a series of lesson entitled Acts and the Restoration of Israel. This powerful series of lessons 50+, explores the concept that Luke wrote the Acts, not as a text book on Gentile mission resulting from Israel’s failure to receive her promises, but instead, to show the fulfillment of God’s promises to restore Israel! In this study, Preston shows the prophetic background for many of the stories of conversion, showing them to be the fulfillment of very specific prophecies directly related to the restoration of Israel! Luke was not teaching that Israel had been "replaced", he was showing that YHVH was faithful to her, but that what He had promised was spiritual, not national.

You will never look at the book of Acts in the same way again! From chapter 1 through chapter 28, Preston’s demonstration of the Restoration of Israel theme will open your eyes and thrill you to contemplate God’s faithfulness!

This MP3 study consists of over 50 40 minute lessons. Cost is $45.00 postpaid. That is less than $1.00 per powerful, stimulating, challenging lesson! You can pay with PayPal– this offer is not in the shopping cart yet– or, you can call and use your credit card. You can send a check or MO to:

Don K. Preston

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