New Book: Seventy Weeks Are Determined…For the Resurrection

70 WeeksThe seventy week prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 is recognized as one of the most important of all Biblical prophecies. Most Bible students realize that it speaks of God’s promises to Israel. Most realize that it promised the end of the Old Covenant world, and the establishment of the New.  


Do you realize that Daniel 9 foretold the resurrection?  In this groundbreaking book, prolific author Don K. Preston proves in a stunningly effective way that the elements foretold by Daniel 9:24 are all inextricably related to the time of the resurrection! The implications of this are incredible for all futurist eschatologies!


In this important work, Preston marshals an impressive body of scriptural evidence to prove the following:

1.) Daniel’s prophecy extends no further than the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

2.) That the putting away of sin, the making of the atonement and the bringing in of everlasting righteousness, are all resurrection motifs.

3.) Based on the foregoing, this book proves beyond doubt the resurrection of the dead and the arrival of the everlasting kingdom occurred with the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.


In addition to presenting a positive exegesis of Daniel 9 and Biblical eschatology, this book also effectively responds to the work, When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism. Preston effectively shatters the objections offered by When. This is an important book, and a must read for those interested in not only Daniel 9, but the current eschatological debate.