Poem: Freedom



Worn down faces and desolate places

Bring to mind a troubled faith.

But distant traces and empty embraces

“Makes great your reward”, He saith.


A faith tried and a false pride

Turn the stomachs of most.

But to divide and set aside

Is now today’s guest and host.


Proclaiming truth and being sleuth

Is a past promise to our Lord.

But a drunken youth or a broken tooth

Is to battle with a dull sword.


A new Word and doctrines absurd

Confuse the lost and sheep alike.

But God preferred and the Spirit heard

Makes all the guilty Christlike!


Blood not shed and a new way instead

Promotes a rather liberal view.

But Spirit bred and a Christ undead

Pays for sin and begins anew.


The Bible scorned and sinners unwarned

Shows life in disarray.

But sinners mourned and His Word adorned

Serves the debt we can’t repay.


A remnant saved and in Pella caved

When Jerusalem burned with fire.

But prophets raved with offerings waived

As the city became a funeral pyre.


Ruins like a flood because of righteous blood

When the Roman army did surround.

But among the mud with vines in bud

His Grace did yet abound.


The newborn saint with body taint

Will one day lose his breath.

But without restraint or with complaint

Shall be freed from this old body’s death.