New Preterist Broadcast Announced

Apologia Books Announces a New Preterist Broadcast!

On 5 November 2006, Covenant Radio was launched! What is Covenant Radio you ask? Covenant Radio is a new audio "broadcast" based show which seeks, through a series of table talk sessions by the host and interviews with others, to expose people to a little more depth in discussions of what many may consider controversial issues.  Sadly, even our modern church fall prey to the rumor-mill, hear-say, and slander quite often. People say, "well I heard that so-and-so teaches…." and then go on to say what they have heard from others, without ever seeking to go to the source to see if that is what is truly being said/taught before spreading it to others. So, providing a forum where people can post questions they may have regarding such issues as Covenant Baptism, communion, theology and eschatology, the Covenant Radio hosts will then take those posted questions right to the source, by posing them to various proponents/experts in the related field. This provides a platform for the average church goer who has probably heard a little about a doctrine, to find out a bit more on these topics straight from the sources, so they no longer have to spread rumors and hear-say.

Our hopes are to expose more people to the "real" teachings of those who hold to these "controversial" teachings, to help put an end to the rumor-mill, and to introduce people to truths that are often never studied due to being immediately thrown into the heresy box and ignored.

So come visit, post questions in the forum, and let the examination begin. Tune in to the pre-recorded broadcasts anytime at Covenant Radio, by visiting with hosts Bill Hill and Jeff McCormack.