New Preterist Novel: Promises Kept: Becca

Announcing a new and unique preterist novel by Shella Fitzgerald,  “Promises Kept:  Becca’s Window.”   Join Becca and her family as they study the scriptures and come to understand and embrace covenant eschatology.  Becca’s Window is the story of a young lady’s search to find Bible answers to her confusion over where her recently deceased grandfather is now: Is he in heaven or somewhere awaiting judgment? This search results in a weekly Bible study that draws in progressively more of her family, friends and eventually her church’s controversy-generating minister.   It is readable and conversational.  It incorporates the clever device of a Bible study, allowing instruction without sounding like a text book.

MANY scriptures passages are presented (complete text included) and the accompanying explanation or paraphrasing by the characters is concise and clearly understandable.  Ideas are introduced in a manner and sequence that allows the logical understanding of sin death, the symbolic language used in the Bible, prophesies about judgment, resurrection, Jesus’ teachings and prophesies, time statements in the Bible…every major point is at least touched on.  And it is all woven in the fabric of her story of Becca’s longing to understand about her grandfather.  There’s a bit of a romance between Becca and a young man at her church, but the real story is the newly found realization of what the Bible actually teaches about "the end".  The characters have to deal with the conflicts that arise when seekers encounter friends and church members that cling only to tradition and are threatened by the study of these prophesy-related topics.

This little novel is a fantastic way to introduce a friend to scriptures that have opened our eyes, and will certainly open the reader’s eyes.  Promises Kept: Becca’s Window  is available at the Book Store at   Search by author’s name "Shella Fitzgerald", title of the book "Promises Kept:  Becca’s Window" or ISBN (1425979858 ).  Order more than one, you will want to give this one to friends.