New DVD: 2006 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend DVDs Now Available!!

We are glad to announce that the DVDs of the recently completed Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are finally available!

After several technological glitches and expensive problems, the DVDs are on hand and ready to ship asap!

There are five DVDs in the set, and will come to you in a nice protective folder. Included in the set are the PowerPoint presentations of William Bell and Don K. Preston.

The theme of the Pilgrim Weekend was The Eschatology of the Parables of Jesus. To my knowledge, there has never been a preterist seminar focused on an in-depth examination of Jesus’ parables. This seminar did a wonderful job of showing that Jesus’ parables are not simply moralizing stories, or amusing anecdotes. Jesus’ parables are focused on the impending judgment of his beloved city and nation, in order to bring in the everlasting New Covenant Kingdom! There are ten lessons, as well as a question and answer session in the set, and you will be tremendously blessed by the material you find here!

Cost of the DVDs is $32.55 postpaid.

You can send a check or MO to:

Don K. Preston

JaDon Productionsllc

720 N. Commerce #109

Ardmore, Ok. 73401,

or, you can securely use your own credit card through PayPal. Just use Don K. Preston’s email address as the user name, (, and send the amount of $32.55.

These DVDs will serve as a great teaching tool, so order your set today!


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