Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim CDs!

Good News! The CDs of the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are now Available!

The eagerly awaited CDs of the just completed Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend are now available. This year’s seminar was even better than last, and everyone said last year was the best seminar they had ever attended!  The theme for this year’s seminar was The Eschatololgy of the Parables of Jesus. William Bell of Memphis, Tn and Larry Siegle of California, along with Don K. Preston were the speakers. Each of the speakers was well prepared and brought out of his treasures, things both old and new!

To my knowledge, this was the very first preterist seminar to focus on the eschatology of the parables of Jesus. Yet, the parables serve as the foundation for the gospel itself, even underlying the message of Revelation!

One of the most anticipated lessons of the seminar was Don K. Preston’s Jesus’ Last And Greatest Parable. In the weeks leading up to the seminar, a flow of emails and phone calls from Bible students attempted to identify that Last and Greatest Parable. Not one person correctly identified it!! You don’t want to miss this presentation, or any of the other excellent lessons from the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend !!

Cost of the CDs is $24.95 postpaid.
Included with the CDs will a CD with the PowerPoint presentations of William Bell and Don K. Preston. This was much requested from the seminar last year, but we were not able to honor those requests. This year however, you will get all six of the PowerPoint presentations that were given! 
You can order yours through PayPal, by using Don K. Preston’s email address, or, you can send a check or MO to:

Don K. Preston
JaDon Productionsllc
720 N. Commerce #109
Ardmore, Ok. 73401. 

Be sure to designate that you are ordering the CD’s.   If all goes well, we will have the MP3 version ready very shortly, also for $24.95 postpaid, and following that, we will have the DVD videos available at a cost of $27.95 postpaid. 
If you want one of the richest, most interesting studies of the parables that you will find available today, order your set of the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend CD’s now!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me 1-580-226-7070, or email me:

Don K