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Announcing a brand new feature on!


I regularly receive a lot of emails from those of you who visit this site, asking additional questions about the topics covered here. You ask for further insight, more evidence, and sometime, assistance in responding to the critics. Here at the Ardmore church of Christ, I share your questions with the congregation by means of our bulletin board, and it is one of the most popular features. So, I began to think, if sharing the questions and answers with the church was a good thing, why not share that information with all the visitors to


So, here is what we will do. When you submit questions to me, if it is an issue that I think our visitors would like to read more about, we will post it in the new section entitled "Questions, Questions, Questions." As you already know, we have a FAQ section for some of the most often asked questions, and so you can still use that. In fact, as the questions come in, and some of the same questions are repeated several times, we will post those most frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.


Be assured of one thing, for privacy concerns, we will not post your email address. If you don’t mind your name being posted, we might say that, "The following question came from John in N. J., or Mary in California," but, that is all the information we will divulge. We will definitely protect your privacy, so feel free to send your questions to us! When you send us a question please let me know if you want me to use your name or not. If not, I can just say, "The following question comes to us from….. mention of the state." I would personally like to include the location of our visitors so that folks can see that people from all over the world are tuning in. So, when you ask a question, tell me what state or country you are from!


I trust that this new feature will be a blessing to you. As more and more Bible students come to understand the wonderful truth of God’s realized salvation, it is natural that more questions arise, and resistance is offered. It is our hope that this new feature will be a great resource for you!


For His Truth, and in His Grace,
Don K. Preston