Where are the Psychics???

Unless you live in a cave, or don’t watch TV, then you are very much aware of the heart rending situation in Aruba. A teenage girl, Natalie Holloway, went there on vacation with her graduating class, and tragically, she is now missing, and has been missing for 10 weeks. Needless to say, her parents are beside themselves with sorrow. The national media continues to cover the story of what appears to be a botched police investigation and a rather morbid story of young men with no conscience, and way, way to much time and money on their hands.

The Aruban government seems to have done a poor job of investigating this disappearance. They seem to have dragged their feet about the investigation, about collecting evidence. Many American investigators, and Natalie’s mother, have expressed exasperation, and even anger at the slow, inefficient investigation.

Our hearts and prayers are with that family, in the hope that they can find some resolution to their sad plight. It certainly appears that their daughter is lost to them forever.

There is one thing that is conspicuously absent from all of the reports and this total absence just screams out to me. What I want to know is, where are all the psychics?

I like to follow the claims of the psychics. It is amusing to say the very least. Have you ever noticed that when some catastrophe strikes, the psychics become mute? Where are the psychics that foretold 9-11, or the tsunami in Indonesia? And, right now, in Aruba, where are the psychics lined up to tell the family, definitively, and positively where their daughter is?

The reason that you don’t, and won’t, hear of the psychics coming forward is because the psychics know that if they dare to make claims that can be, and that most certainly would be exposed to world wide exposure, they would fail the test! And if there is any one thing psychics don’t want, it is to be put to open test! They know that they cannot see into the future. They know that they cannot see into the secrets of the criminal activity. They know that they are frauds!

Long ago, Israel became enamored with false gods. They worshiped Baal. Isaiah challenged them, “Bring forth your strong reasons…show the things to come hereafter that we may know that you are gods.” (Isaiah 41:21f). They could not respond with accurate information, so Isaiah said “you are nothing and your work is nothing” (v. 24). Jesus even challenged his contemporaries to put him to the test, and if he did not perform the works the Father gave him, to reject him (John 10:36f).

The wonderful thing is that the Bible, and Jesus, are not like the modern day would be prophets and psychics. When the prophets of God spoke, their predictions came true. We can trust Jesus 100% because his prophecies, his promises, have never failed! Unlike the modern false prognosticators, the Word of God has been totally vindicated as inspired and true. The testimony of God stands firm and true, and for that we can be eternally thankful!