When All Things that are Written Must Be Fulfilled

Do you realize Jesus said when all prophecy would be fulfilled? Read Luke 21:22.

Here is the context. Jesus was predicting the fall of Jerusalem, see verses 5-7. In describing that event he said "all things that are written must be fulfilled." Here are some interesting facts.

The premillennialist says the only part of the Olivet Discourse, (that is Matthew 24 and the parallels, Mark 13, Luke 21), that applies to the destruction of Jerusalem is Luke 21:20-24. They insist the rest speaks of our time, the Great Tribulation, Israel’s restoration, etc. There is a problem here.

When it is admitted that Luke 21:22 speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem and that generation, Luke 21:32, you are thereby admitting there are no further prophecies to be fulfilled! Jesus said in those days of Israel’s fall "all things that are written must be fulfilled." How many prophecies are left out of that "all?" Did Jesus say all prophecies "except" a few would be fulfilled at that time? Jesus’ words here should make us rethink our concepts of prophecy and the "last things."

The trouble is we are so used to thinking in literalistic ways when we read about the "end times," "end of the age," etc. we fail to discover the true Biblical meaning of these ideas. The "time of the end" for instance is not "the end of time." (Actually, that term is not in any proper translation of the Bible.) Biblically, "the time of the end" when all prophecy would be fulfilled, was the end of Israel’s Old Age and the full establishment of the New World of Messiah’s Age. This is what Daniel’s 70 weeks is all about for instance and corresponds perfectly with what Jesus said about when all prophecy would be fulfilled. That is the "end of the age" the disciples asked about in Matthew 24:3.

When we mistakenly believe the Bible is concerned about the "end of time" instead of the "time of the end" we cannot allow Jesus’ words in Luke 21:22 to speak for themselves. When we put aside our preconceived ideas, and allow the Bible to tell us when things were to occur, we come closer to truth.

Luke 21:22 is not the only verse that tells us when all prophecy was to be fulfilled — and they all agree with Jesus in Luke 21:22.

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