New Book: The Elements Shall Melt with Fervent Heat

JaDon Productionsllc and Don K. Preston are glad to announce that (finally) his first book, a commentary on 2 Peter 3, has now been reprinted, and is available for shipping! This one has been a long time coming, but, the wait has been more than worth it!

Don K. Preston’s first book was entitled Second Peter 3: The Late Great Kingdom, printed in 1990. It sold out quickly, and requests for additional copies have never diminished. Used copies have fetched up to $100.00 on the Internet!! Other projects have taken precedence over reprinting this work, until now. That original book was 130 pages. The new book is 300+! The years since 1990 have led to greater research, greater insight, greater evidence! This new book is, literally, the only one like it on the market! There is not another full length commentary on 2 Peter 3 available anywhere, by anyone!

The Elements Shall Melt With Fervent Heat, spends considerable time in setting the proper context for understanding 2 Peter 3. The special studies of the Transfiguration scene, and how Peter used it as a refutation of the scoffers is unparalleled. This material is already drawing rave reviews! The section on “Romancing the Stone,” a very special study of the relationship between the “Stone” prophecies of the Old Testament and how Jesus, Paul and Peter all used those identical prophecies in the same way, is compelling. The examination and comparison of 2 Peter 2 with chapter 3 sets the stage for the correct exegesis of the critical chapter 3. In addition, Preston’s in-depth examination of the prophecies that serve as the background source for Peter’s prediction of the Day of the Lord is unprecedented. After reading countless commentaries, obtaining unnumbered articles from the journals, and exploring every avenue of research available, not one of them offered insights on the relationship between the nature of the Day of the Lord foretold in Isaiah 64-65, the source for Peter’s prediction. While not one of these sources has offered insight into this relationship, when you read Elements you will see the power of this connection immediately, and marvel at its profound application! This is wonderful material!

Elements also explores, in depth, the relationship between the famous and significant prophecy of Daniel 9:24f and 2 Peter 3.

One of the most important studies in Elements is the study showing how the Jews of Jesus’ and Peter’s world thought and referred to the Old Covenant temple as “heaven and earth.” The historical and Biblical evidence brought forth by Preston in this section will blow you away, and open your eyes to understand not only Peter, but Matthew 24:35 in a totally new way.

Also in this book is an expanded Responding to the Critics section, and Preston responds, head on, to the charge that preterism is a violation of the creeds. This is powerful stuff! In a special addendum, Elements addresses the issue of the New Creation, Preterism, and Universalism. This is a very important study.

The Elements Shall Melt With Fervent Heat is destined to become the definitive work on 2 Peter 3. Several readers have already stated that this book will be the standard work on 2 Peter 3 for years to come!

In this work, Preston not only presents the exegetical evidence to fully prove his case, but, he also interacts with many of the leading critics of preterism, including Gentry, Beale, Ice, and others, who appeal to 2 Peter 3 for a future eschatology. Preston very effectively refutes the charge of heresy, and shows that the preterist view of prophecy is the only tenable, scriptural view.

Cost of Elements is $19.95 Plus shipping.

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